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Decontaminating And Impregnating Equipment - FSC 4230

Last Modified: Oct 30, 2020

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Joint, Swivel, Reel ISO-68-16
Decontaminating Apparatus MDU-6
Shelter System, Personnel Surviva A/E29P-3-G(V)2
Igniter Assembly 26430-100
Control Module, Electric 26612-100
Flange, Valve 76721-21X2 PIECE 22
Decontaminating Apparatus MDU-SC
Dusting Gun Assembl 5-13-3400-1-23
Container 5-13-3407
Gun Body 5-13-3401
Wiper 5-13-3400-17
Decontamination Kit, Individual E 5705588
Strip, Pouch B5-45-3239
Vent, Tank, Underground Storage 6177-400
Shelter System, Personnel Surviva A/E29P-5()
Control Panel, Shelter System, Per 3320-16-3120-10
Decontaminating Apparatus HW-30-100000
Blast Valve Assembly PV-60-200-4
Blast Valve Assembly PV-60-200-8
Shroud Assembly 26052-1
Shower Assembly, Decontaminating 9116
Aldrich Spillow Z10-780-8
Aldrich Spillow Z10-779-4
S Pillow Z10-778-6
Panel, Drive Side 26600-101
Photocell Assembly 5-45-5048
Lid Assy Burner 5-45-5088
Water Inlet Assembly 5-45-5180
Valve Assembly, Fuel Control 5-45-5132
Float, Inflatable A1
Bottle, Eye Wash Station 01018G
Photocell And Tee Assembly 5-45-5052
Injector Assembly 5-45-4918
Basket, Debris 5-45-4895
Guard, Drip 5-45-4930
Trainer, Container Assembly, Plast 5-51-598
Disc, Speed Setting 002-45-051-000
Panel Assembly, Conn C5-45-2976
Decontaminating Apparatus 5-45-5299-20
Mounting Kit, Decontaminating App 13228E4250
Shelter System, Personnel Surviva A/E29P-3(V)3
Shower Assembly, Hose Section 5-45-4869
Cube, Control FBRLKKK1
Pumping Unit, Decontaminating App 3MA1216
Decontaminating Apparatus 5-51-608
Decontaminating Apparatus 5-45-5299-30
Decontaminating Apparatus 5-45-5299-40
Proportioner, Foam Liquid, Line Ty 9065-04
Proportioner, Foam Liquid, Line Ty 3037-41
Rack, Weldment 5-45-4852
Decontaminant Disposal Unit RDTS268
Bag, Contaminated Clothing 5-19-11062-50
Decontaminating Apparatus A-285
Pool, Decontamination GEN348
Barrier, Spill Containment 2100
Decontaminating Apparatus 57K0868
Eye Wash Unit 250-506
Shower Assembly, Decontaminating HZ25 B WITH ARMS
Table, Decontamination Unit HZ-32
Shower, Decontamination GEN350
Decontaminating Apparatus 5-45-6100
Response Cart, X-large KIT204-01
Spill Cart Refill KIT307J
Refill Cart, X-large KITR204J
Response Cart, X-large KIT304-01
Refill Cart, X-large KIT205-01
Container Kit, Special KIT205-01
Decontaminant Disposal Unit Z-024
Decontaminating Apparatus Z-001
Decontaminating Apparatus VP-132
Decontaminating Apparatus A-06001901
Decontaminating Apparatus Z-003
Decontaminating Apparatus EA-PRF-2190
Container 5-51-302,2.5L
Sprayhead Assembly 5-51-290, 2.5 L
Emerg Decon Shelter 8100
Proportioner, Foam Liquid, Tank Ty LP-9
Decontamination System, Sorbent EA-PRF-2163
Fan Filter Assembly FFA200
Fan Filter Assembly FFA800
Fan Filter Assembly FFA1000-200
Fan Filter Assembly FFA400
Fan Filter Assembly FFA1000-100
Hose Reel Decon Asy 5-45-6150
Shelter System, Personnel Surviva PWR7701-3/E
Shelter System, Personnel Surviva PWR7001
Fan, Tray 010K389-001
Decontaminating Apparatus 5-45-5290-50
Injector Assembly A-04-0090
Fan Filter Assy Rep 106641
Shelter System, Personnel Surviva 1WR7701-3/DP
Cobra, Us, Version OWR35840
Deco, Fogger DECOFOG
Turbo, Fogger TURBOFOG
Decontaminating Apparatus D5-45-3264-20
Pumping Unit, Decontaminating App D5-45-3233-20
Recoil Carrier 1499
Shower Assembly, Decontaminating SE-253 PO
Eye Wash Bottle 54296
Fuel Water Separato 120BT

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