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Compressors And Vacuum Pumps - FSC 4310

Truck Mounted And Trailer Mounted Compressors.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plate, Compressor Mounting W6560PC145
Buffer Plate W6560PC150
Yoke W7083PC113
Yoke 37236W
Core Section W7169PC168
Rod Assembly 114959PC100
Tube Nest Assembly 16B
Valve, Reed 280B
Crankcase Assembly 752B
Crankcase Assembly 750B
Valve, Reed 115961PC209T0217
Crankshaft, Compressor 762B
Bolt, Connecting Rod 107772PC103T0105
Shell Assy 1546B
Yoke, Valve 107772PC206
Cylinder Assembly 782B
Lever 107672PC120
Pipe Assembly JANTXV1N746A-1
Guard, Compressor HL7111PC31
Unloader, Magnetic 32N
Fixture Assembly 111130PC685T0688693-694
Block 107430PC688
Crankshaft, Compressor 201B
Oil Stick Wi 114972PC33
Shaft, Drive Gear Dr HL4709PC63
Shaft, Drum Oil Pump HL4709PC65
Separator Assembly 1515B
Shell Assy 1528B
Piston, Compressor 32B
Head, Compressor 33B
Liner 107672PC286
Cylinder Head, Compressor 114963PC291
Piston, Compressor 44B
Valve Assembly, Suction 41B
Cylinder Assembly 790B
Cylinder Assembly 807B
Plate, Separator 114973PC335
Ring 90022PC256
Ring 90022PC292
Tubenest Assembly 1693B
Yoke 1795B
Lockscrew, Piston 107772PC249
Pipe Assembly 1315B
Shell Assy 1530B
Head 107673PC324
Compressor, Centrifugal 1401540
Cylinder Head, Compressor 107417PC376
Tube Nest Assembly 1694B
Fitting, Discharge 890B
Tube Nest 1696B
Tube Nest 1697B
Tube Nest 1698B
Fixture Assembly 107769PC505T510
Block 107769PC508
Fixture Assembly 1991B
Coil Assembly 46B
Coil Assembly 47B
Unloader, Magnetic 107768PC478
Crankcase Assembly 799B
Cylinder 107673PC475
Piston, Compressor 107773PC476
Pipe Assembly 1303B
Pipe Assembly 1327B
Shell Assy 1534B
Shell Assy 1538B
Pipe Assembly 1299B
Pipe Assembly 1317B
Pipe Assembly 1323B
Fitting, 2nd 884B
Fitting Assy 114967PC411
Fitting, 2nd 114967PC440
Fitting, 3 Stage 114967PC412
Fitting 888B
Fitting 107767PC428
Support, Rear Housin 3H19139M0D
Reed Strip, Valve 109114
Piston, Compressor SD1375PC163
Plate, Bottom, Compressor Valve 607N
Guard Assembly 5491N
Ring, Piston 2822P
Connecting Rod, Piston 2826HP
Pilot Assembly, Reli 3254
Cap, Compressor 107352PC134
Plate, Compressor RC230-14-1649PC1816
Body SD1549PC103
Bumper, Discharge Valve 1826
Bar, Governor RC106-15-1665PC1864
Valve, Reed 12145N
Finger, Unloader 110952PC133
Coupling Assembly 647N
Pump Assembly, Oil PC5145
Cylinder, Reciprocating Compresso 201N
Cylinder Head, Compressor 205N
Rings, Piston 246N
Ring Assy 248N
Unloader, Magnetic 273N
Intercooler Assembl 36N
Aftercooler Assembl HP2A600A1RINL3-
Guard, Valve HL5731PC20-21
Carrier, Bearing 1521

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