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Compressors And Vacuum Pumps - FSC 4310

Truck Mounted And Trailer Mounted Compressors.
Last Modified: Aug 12, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Plate, Valve Stop 28CS6D
Plate, Valve Stop 187953PC119
Plate, Reed Valve 187448PC115
Connecting Rod, Piston 185413PC89
Body, Unloader 186334PC174
Plate, Reed Valve 182207-3009M0D
Valve, Compressor 182207-3010
Valve 182514-3005
Connection 182233APC428
Head, Air F4517PC184
Plate, Reed Valve 182232-3006
Nest, Cooler 182533-205
Nest, Cooler 182534-51
Piston, Compressor 182541C26
Shaft 182541-3003
Plate, Valve Stop 186290PC138
Valve, Air N657SH4PC178
Valve, Reed D30CS10
Valve, Reed D30CS11B
Valve Spring, Inlet D30CS13A
Valve, Reed D30CS9
Head, Air N657SH4PC79
Disc, Valve N657SH7PC44
Plate, Reed Valve 43C3F
Plate, Valve Stop 43C6F
Plate, Valve Stop 188989PC96
Block, Cylinder 185413PC30
Block, Cylinder 185413PC36
Plate, Valve Stop 185843PC104
Distributor, Oil 187462PC91
Diaphragm, Pump, Special Shaped 4996P
Diaphragm, Pump, Special Shaped RW62112PC39
Pin, Piston HL3134PC93
Connecting Rod, Piston 3029B
Housing, Bearing 3040B
Housing Assembly, Pump 3039B
Cylinder Sleeve 3065B
Cylinder Sleeve 3099B
Cylinder Sleeve 3107B
Plate, Reed Valve 157411PC111T0117-122
Parts Kit, Compressor 3111B
Piston, Compressor 3081B
Piston, Compressor 3096B
Head, Cooler 3129B
Fixture, Babbiting 3221B
Gageboard Assembly 3232B
Piston, Compressor 3084B
Cooler, Compressed Air, Compressor 157016PC230T0238-246
Base 156407PC16
Crankshaft, Compressor 157013PC20
Valve Plate, Compressor 3042B
Plate, Gear Retainer 3051B
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 3059B
Valve Plate, Compressor 3068B
Socket Half, Piston 156414PC158
Cylinder Head, Compressor 157013PC172
Cylinder Head, Compressor 157013PC183
Lock, Valve Spring Retainer 157440PC186
Fitting, Chamber 156413
Ring, Zinc 156417PC237
Cylinder Head, Compressor 156420PC282
Cylinder Head, Compressor 156420PC283
Lifter, Valve 310042BU1
Shell, Cooler 2558B
Half Bo, Xcrank Pin 2522B
Cylinder Sleeve 499N
Piston, Compressor 501N
Cylinder Head, Compressor 502N
Intercooler, Pump INT64
Crankshaft, Compressor 495N
Nest, Intercooler, Af NST19
Valve, Reed PC45A
Housing, Air Compressor 126N
Piston, Compressor 4019B
Piston, Compressor 4020B
Piston, Compressor 4021B
Tube Nest 4023B
Plate, Valve Stop BS7-2082
Filter Element, Intake Air Cleane A16459
Compressor, Reciprocating 5102067
Filter Element, Intake Air Cleane 1251237-01
Piston, Compressor 2008X
Piston Assy, Compres 1AA142
Compressor, Reciprocating 2480975
Air Cleaner, Intake FWA14-0003
Cap, Air Cleaner Intake Pipe 250553C91
Cylinder Sleeve 64991-91
Compressor, Reciprocating AC4701
Air Cleaner, Intake GAH00-0223
Ring, Piston 725672-3
Compressor Unit, Reciprocating 893883
Connecting Rod, Piston AN7-800
Pin, Piston 17-800
Ring, Piston AK18-800
Ring, Piston A18-801C
Ring, Piston AN18-802
Repair Kit, Valve K352-029
Ring, Piston 0201A3330
Compressor Unit, Reciprocating HL-21073
Crankshaft, Compressor 7003B

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