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Fuel Burning Equipment Units - FSC 4530

Oil Burners; Stokers; Gas Burners.
Last Modified: Jan 24, 2021

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Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 42Y20
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 4174-42Y30
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 4174-46Y306SL0T
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 4174-54730
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi 1184F1PC91
Tip, Atomizing Nozzl R
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize G22198
Ignitor Spark, Heater H233
Cooler Assembly, Oil 150-410GPC310T0312
Piston, Hydraulic 102036-211
Stem, Metering, Valve 104705EE1
Electrode, Oil Burne 8210
Atomizer Less Spray MX253753PC84T091
Cone, Bladed 7002301
Door, Air MX253081-1PC102
Plate, Impeller MS262224-3PCB559
Frame, Door, Oil Burner 5488EPC54
Bracket Assembly, Atomizer MX242271PC1-96T0
Door, Air MS222249-3PCB
Form, Steel MX251024PC7
Valve, Smoke Atomizer 104606DPC67X76T83X135
Barrel, Antomizer MX262986PC140
Cone, Bladed MX243188-B-62324
Collar MX270231-2PC85
Sweep Assembly MX261283PC9-15-1
Plate And Rod Assem MX260119-2P8-10T
Atomizer Assembly 3018326
Atomizer, Withoutspr MX260168-3PC84T0
Atomizer, Without Sp MX243765-84T087
Yoke Assembly MX293874PC96T010
Plate Assembly MX-242271 PIECE 12
Rod, Centering MX292803-0 ITEM 13
Form, Refactory MX261195-1PC7
Plateandrod Assembl MX260386-2-8-10T014-16
Sweep Assembly ML228871-4-10-11
Housing 33070
Yoke Assembly, Coupling MX260873-3PC96T0
Coupling, Atomizer MX243189-84
Atomizer MI252769-2-2-4T0
Spider MS222708-6
Bellows Assembly MS261531-4-7T9
Atomizer MX-242266 PIECE 3
Nozzle, Air 20925-1A8
Burner Head Unit 522-373S
Valve, Fuel Control, 522-657
Generator, Gasoline Burner 527-299
Burner, 5000 Btu 520-657
Burner, Gas-oil, Combination S24300B
Yoke And Tee Handle MI261570-2PC81-8
Yoke Assembly MI252760-7BACFG
Handle, Spring 50194PC37
Housing Assembly H8-4-13
Safety Bolt, Burner, Boiler 1012
Nozzle, Burner 29357-127WDA
Nozzle, Burner 303043
Bellows Assembly 7689RPC14
Atomizer Assembly A-02-07-0010
Diffuser, Burner 1220K1-35-37
Diffuser 41290-1PC43
Diffuser 50122PC11
Inner Radial Door 4000J1PC70
Base, Atomizer 4000J9PC134
Handle Assembly, Ato H1-2-6
Check, Housing Assem H8-4-5
Housing Assembly, Ch H8-4-1
Barrel, Ring 70107
Atomizer 50380PC1
Scraper Blade Assembly B9-3-18
Mould Assembly 1220K14PC1T08-11
Clevis Assembly 1220K1PC112T0114
Atomizer Assembly A2-6-1
Door Assembly, Air 41273-2PC12
Mould Assembly, Refractory 41273-5
Atomizer, Assembly A-2-5-33
Burner, Bracket, Vise 1220K1-125
Open Peep Hole Cove 1047100
Handle, Quadrant 4000J4PC34-48-52
Atomizer, Less Spray 40022S4PC56T059
Door, Outer, Radial 20329PCD5-6-4
Air Door Scoop Gage Assembly G2-5-1
Scraper Blade Assem 4200H14PC9-10
Door, Radial Air D5-7-86
Casting, Top 170TC
Cup, Atomizing 6285
Nozzle 4226-5
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi F-80NS1.00GPH80DEG
Burner Gasoline 795653
Burner Assembly TJA360
Lever, Manual Control 6527A0PCL4-2-1
Valve, Fuel Metering 252-VC
Burner Assembly, Ato 303-0110
Cone, Air, Oil Burner F88
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 29Y30SA20
Nozzle, Oil Burner F80
Control, Burner C30768
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 10T12-6SHC
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 44Z30
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 3201387
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi 45652-512-04
Shaft 2363-5-1

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