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Fuel Burning Equipment Units - FSC 4530

Oil Burners; Stokers; Gas Burners.
Last Modified: Jan 18, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Link, Intermediate Valve 23399
Valve, Safety, Lock D-42219 PC 2-6
Body, Nozzle Pilot 894-11
Ignition E38647
Spark Plug And Gask E-51788
Electrodes, Ignition 435-64
Cable, Ignition 292-101
Cell, Lead Sulphide 832-160
Body, Nozzle, Duel 899-52
Cable E37840
Burner Barrel 50440
Door, Peep Hole 2086F2PC55
Burner Head Unit 50442
Rod, Centering 33918BPC14
Plate, Sweep 33916BPC9
Retarder, Combustion, Heater A10560PC108A
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi 37498N3-2-32
Piston Cam 2073F PIECE 152
Holder, Seat, Piston 104650D PIECE 154
Nozzle, Cap 1024-003-001
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize D35883
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 4467PIECE3
Sprayer Plate Nut 4467PIECE2
Burner, Pilot J999MDA-2
Tube 351440-24
Bracket Assembly, Bu SMS33913BPC18
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi 5.00-80SS
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi 1645
Nozzle, Steam Atomizer 10-205-80 DEG
Nozzle Cap 1022-005-01
Mixer, Whirl Plate 1001-287-02
Nozzle Body Assembly 1022-059-01
V Burner Shield 2212-312-01
Mixer Sleeve 1001-081-01
Plates, Sprayer 6L-20NE3-2-10-80
Bulb, Visaflame OBSOLETE/R-310
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi 32520-4
Hose, Oil Steam Bronze 4110-005-03
Gasket Socket 4220-035-01
Arm D171-315-3PC1
Diffuser Mounting Tube C-171-205ASSEMBLY 29
Guard, Joint Ring A-171-051
Scanner, Ultraviolet, Fuel Burner 045UV1MOD1117
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 70673C93L
Handle, Atomizer H-1-2-119
Atomizer Assembly 12515
Kit, Spare Tube 129-62
Ejector, Burner 34567PC15
Body, Nozzle B11-6-12
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha SB5001
Quardant, Crank Handle CS4530-SR-0702
Separator, Oil Burner 49058A103
Atomizer Assembly 1187F1-83TO91X167
Barrel, Atomizer 34567PC12
Burner Vise Bracket B14-1-19
Cone, Bladed 1184F1PC14
Door, Air MX-242266-3 PIECE 102
Tip End Assembly D-47544
Distance Piece 203123C
Cover Plate Hub 128512EPC1
Register Ring 69663D
Tee Handle 1185F1-97
Door 1184F1PC55
Spool 69661DPC42
Cam, Piston 104650D PIECE 152
Seat, Piston 35521APC151
Diffuser Assembly E171-420EPC9
Retainer, Spring B171-172
Plate, Spring E-171-422 PIECE 417
Atomizer, Constant A-2-36-32 40 1-4INLG
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 4168-5-43-54-54-80
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize P-10-8-5028
Pilot, Gas Oven A1895-020
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi 3.50-80DEG-S
Body, Atomizer 7004545
Barrel 4381-2A-33-21/3 2INLG
Insert, Bushing 1235FPC186
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi 528-10
Atomizer Barrel B-2-1-606
Barrel, Atomizer D42042PC12
Piston Head 104650D PIECE 155
Flame Rod, Pilot Safety 69ND1-1000K4
Plug Assembly, Fuel Tank 47889A
Cam Nut 5463EPC164
Handle, Crank, Burner 51360B
Rod, Regulator 5481E-47
Cam Shaft, Burner 1237F-6 PIECE 153
Handle And Stud Assembly 1297A
Support Ring, Burner 128S12EPC107
Handle Assembly, Ope H-1-6-18
Rod, Regulating 128512EPC47
Barrel, Burner 70153C-79
Jet Tube, Inlet, Oil Burner T-8-3-683 39 3-8INLG
Nozzle, Oil Burner, Pressure Atomi 1046585
Packing And Collar 51596B
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 4172
Electrode, Carbon 51972-1
Rod, Regulating 33923B26-1-8IN.
Barrel, Atomizer 25283-37-3-4IN
Plate, Sprayer, Oil Burner Atomize 4324

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