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Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, And Railing Fittings - FSC 4730

Adapters; Bends; Caps; Clamps; Connectors; Couplings; Crosses; Elbows; Expansion Joints; Ferrules; Flanges; Laterals; Lubrication Fittings; Manifolds; Nipples; Nozzles; Outlets; Plugs; Reducers; Swing And Swivel Joints; Tees; Traps; Unions; Wyes.
Last Modified: May 23, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect 1QF26G3-46A
Reducer, Tube SAFC-0361
Tailpiece, Union 803-1385943PC2,3,6,7L1
Bolt, Fluid Passage 17P1A4894-3
Tee, Pipe To Tube 10625391-2
Flange, Pipe 20646-500FB
Elbow, Pipe 1/2CDB
Tee, Pipe To Tube 2030-8-6B
Elbow, Pipe To Tube 2024-6-6B
Nipple, Tube 2027-6-6B
Elbow, Pipe To Hose 3700081C1
Elbow, Pipe To Hose 169PMT-6-8
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 68PMT-6-4
Tee, Boss 334566P02
Clamp, Hose C42093N-75-300-K1
Elbow, Quick Disconnect RC01D007-07-04
Coupling Assembly, Quick Disconne RC01A008-07-05
Coupling Assembly, Quick Disconne RC01A009-07-04
Cup, Grease 2610285
Strainer, Sediment 129YF-3.50IN
Strainer Element, Sediment 129YF-3.50IN PC25
Plug, Pipe 266 000 PLB
Flange, Pipe 23271-1-91380 B
Strainer, Sediment 86 006 PLB
Tee, Pipe To Hose 10625077-3
Strainer Element, Sediment 19-0004
Elbow, Hose 90ELB-1602D-1616
Trap, Moisture X01-C4000-1/2
Tee, Pipe To Tube 4-4 OTX-SS
Strainer, Sediment HM-6A
Elbow, Tube Q654733
Strainer, Sediment 9325C16-2157-01
Connector, Air Hose HM50-556-63
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose 76 008 PLB
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose 76 005 PLB
Strainer, Sediment 030DH1-211
Packing Nut 4384536
Adapter, Straight, Hose To Boss 211-2
Connector, Hose, Bulkhead MBH-1010-2-303
Coupling, Hose MH-1004
Nut, Union 3799060-9
Strainer, Sediment ARG-2000
Swivel Joint, Tube AE70081G
Swivel Joint, Tube AE70082G
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Hose 259-FC5014-2424 FJIC
Tee, Pipe To Tube DDE23505246
Clamp, Pipe, Anchor And Reinforcem 216-100-11
Manifold Assembly, Hydraulic 2062D-001
Strainer Element, Sediment S-85-H
Strainer, Sediment 17144
Coupling, Hose SS-QT4-B-600
Plug, Pipe 44605K239
Plug, Pipe 44605K225
Tee, Pipe To Tube SS-400-3-4TMTBQ
Strainer Body, Sediment 1335673
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Hose 4-411-20
Elbow, Pipe 676575
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 2611496-080
Tee, Tube BACT16AX100806W
Plug, Pipe P-4.0-72-05-H-0
Plug, Pipe E3355 6.00 IPS PC 44
Tee, Tube 53X-02-290-1
Elbow, Tube 6-EBU-M
Cap, Pipe 4464K87
Cap, Dust, Locking 170320
Plug, Quick Disconnect 52
Coupling, Tube DPLP45E4
Coupling, Tube 7D0472T24
Nut, Union 085064DE
Nipple, Tube 259-2027-8-8
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect 3201-163569-0002
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss 1-03512D08
Nipple, Quick-disconnect 3201-163569-0001
Strainer Element, Sediment 901273
Elbow, Tube To Boss PL 8201-007 ITEM 17
Strainer, Sediment 1327 12IN FLGE BRZ .375 PERF
Strainer Element, Sediment 31456
Strainer Element, Sediment 6561514
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect AS189K06CSC
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss 6SHF5
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose J1231
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect AS189K10CSC
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect AS188K06CSP
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect AS188K10CSP
Pneumatic Muffler, Exhaust-intake 7579734-001
Coupling, Tube DPL3502T24
Coupling, Tube DPL4502T08
Nut, Union 33764
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss AS4099-10
Strainer Element, Sediment 804-8533843
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect 7D0392P04
Educator, Bilge 356/60-C-500-LOW
Strainer Element, Sediment 141B 6IN PIECE 6 1/16
Strainer, Sediment ST051040BFM005
Plug, Tube Fitting, Solder Type SP-80
Nipple, Tube MS21902-12W
Cap, Tube W707-24D
Elbow, Pipe 844595
Bolt, Fluid Passage CVAN65-701-1554064
Clamp, Hose 11608950

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