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Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, And Railing Fittings - FSC 4730

Adapters; Bends; Caps; Clamps; Connectors; Couplings; Crosses; Elbows; Expansion Joints; Ferrules; Flanges; Laterals; Lubrication Fittings; Manifolds; Nipples; Nozzles; Outlets; Plugs; Reducers; Swing And Swivel Joints; Tees; Traps; Unions; Wyes.
Last Modified: Sep 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Elbow, Pipe 001 990 21 71
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose 14395000
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Hose 000 990 81 78
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Hose 20630-4-4C
Nipple, Pipe 203850
Nipple, Pipe 57A39
Nipple, Pipe 57A39
Tee, Pipe ST49D5
Cross, Pipe 003951 010001
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss 1551260
Clamp, Hose 916017 100000
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect VHC12-14-EM-9
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect VHN8-8-EM
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect CV0096-007
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect SS-QC6-B-6PM
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect AE80760E
Flange, Pipe 516-5940131 ITE
Strainer, Sediment 05-SGB-01
Strainer, Sediment 75-SGB-01
Strainer, Sediment 10-SGH-20
Restrictor Unit, Fluid Flow 05-SGT-04
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 3018813
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 10063-125
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 05-SGS-08-46
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 75-SGS-02-7
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 10-SGS-22
Manifold Assembly, Hydraulic 627-01228-30
Nipple, Tube 13021
Adapter, Straight, Flange To Tube 123SEMM40112-1
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 490-536
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 5520K27
Nipple, Pipe 203990-00
Coupling, Tube D10008-20
Spud, Water Closet 7893
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Boss 003910 010000
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Boss 004 997 86 72
Adapter, Straight, Flange To Pipe 98323
Clamp, Hose R43821
Plug, Tube Fitting, Threaded MIL-F-18866
Connector, Tubing, Branched 4537800-407
Connector, Multiple, Fluid Pressur 4537800-409
Adapter, Straight, Hose To Boss 4537800-410
Connector, Multiple, Fluid Pressur 25292589-140
Plug, Pipe 41840EPT26-12
Plug, Nozzle Tip T24472
Adapter Tooth 3G5307
Elbow, Hose 3895644
Elbow, Pipe To Hose X-391-1
Bolt, Fluid Passage 915047 006202
Clamp, Hose J1508
Clamp, Hose 900288 231101
Plug, Pipe 5139991
Coupling Half, Self-sealing C38H
Coupling Half, Self-sealing 000 431 20 31
Flange, Pipe 820-21779671INSCH80NICRFE600W-
Adapter, Special LLCZ21844
Coupling, Special LLCZ21846
Tailpc Un 1in 87783-3503 F21
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 213205
Sleeve, Compression, Tube-hose Fit 3861 D 6S
Seal, Conical, Flared Tube Fitting CS-1000-4
Tailpiece, Union 2300-404 ASSY B
Thread Piece, Union 215686 PC 402
Shield, Safety, Pipe Flange 2285-1107
Nut, Tube Coupling 9403490
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 7203593-002
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 7203593-001
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose 80-7463
Tee, Tube 213527
Coupling, Pipe 2161420-030
Elbow, Flange To Hose 301123300
Bolt, Fluid Passage 915036 012200
Fitting, Lubrication 277950R1
Fitting, Lubrication 2110
Strainer, Sediment S-100-30 Y-6INSTL.020PERFSSBTWLD
Strainer, Sediment 05-SGH-01
Strainer, Sediment 75-SGH-01
Bushing, Boss 1U3132
Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-emulsion 83-14762
Plug, Pipe 660C1AB-5
Flange Neck 87788-1901PCFL4
Sand Trap Assy GWS-292-P-11
Union, Pipe D10282-10
Locknut, Pipe 281-0320
Elbow, Pipe 810AS2246
Elbow, Tube 000 990 77 71
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose 3AF4-316
Nipple, Pipe 0101-2020C
Tee, Pipe 97-16-084
Trap, Drainage Pipe ASTM D3311
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Boss 9315X8X6
Clamp, Hose 900288 231100
Clamp, Hose 900288 010001
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect 8-H-16
Strainer Element, Sediment 72-B-7512
Inverted Nut, Tube Coupling 7896X3
Sleeve, Compression, Tube-hose Fit 74910773-6
Fitting 312-491
Connector, Multiple, Fluid Pressur 319741
Elbow, Pipe To Tube 2023-2-4

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