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Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, And Railing Fittings - FSC 4730

Adapters; Bends; Caps; Clamps; Connectors; Couplings; Crosses; Elbows; Expansion Joints; Ferrules; Flanges; Laterals; Lubrication Fittings; Manifolds; Nipples; Nozzles; Outlets; Plugs; Reducers; Swing And Swivel Joints; Tees; Traps; Unions; Wyes.
Last Modified: May 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 5-45-4877
Strainer, Suction 5-45-4905
Flange, Pipe 156-8-2.50IN PART 5
Coupling, Tube 101691-1
Elbow, Tube AFP1501V20
Elbow, Tube AFP1501V06
Elbow, Tube AFP1501V08
Nipple, Pipe 523-503-9044
Tee, Pipe 1 1/4MMS
Tee, Pipe To Tube 12MBTX-S
Tee, Tube 9174M79P03
Tee, Tube 32331P04
Coupling, Tube 9174M57P01
Reducer, Hose 845031B3006
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss 101422-1
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss AFP1257V04
Reducer, Boss MS21915K12-8
Elbow, Tube To Boss AFP1503V12
Elbow, Tube To Boss AFP1503V16
Elbow, Tube To Boss AFP1503V06
Tee, Tube To Boss MS21910K12
Tee, Tube To Boss AFP1504V10
Tee, Tube To Boss AFP1504V08
Tee, Tube To Boss AFP1504V06
Nipple, Boss 6F50F50-S
Nipple, Boss 6LHBTX-S
Elbow, Pipe 6V3342
Coupling, Tube 478789
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss AS1037D0804
Clamp, Hose 598256
Clamp, Hose 598261
Manifold Assembly, Hydraulic 3201-16326-20-0
Refuel Assembly 12356117
Elbow, Tube 4058T70
Sleeve, Compression, Tube-hose Fit 4075T63P03
Housing-cable 5178195
Coupling, Pipe 0051120-015
Clamp, Hose 4-424018-1
Cap, Tube 820-0034-00
Elbow, Tube D11021AP-16W
Clamp, Hose 000000000665
Strainer Body, Sediment 845031A9300
Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-emulsion 302
Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-emulsion 201A
Coupling Assembly, Tube, Flexible 1159AC20529-3
Elbow, Pipe 3136250R1
Nipple, Pipe 4549K634
Nipple, Pipe 4830K131
Nipple, Pipe 103-0551
Tee, Pipe To Tube J514
Elbow, Flange 3767C011
Cap, Tube 332-2839-010
Plug, Pipe 6242878-6
Plug, Pipe 6242878-7
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect 1P-2375
Plug, Pipe R126361PC50
Reducer, Pipe 216-4363202MT-F506
Reducer, Pipe MT-F606/213-4363229
Reducer, Pipe 215-4364066ITEM76
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect 5-45-5178
Elbow, Tube 2888274-6
Elbow, Tube 2888274-7
Elbow, Tube 2888274-2
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 16-12FTX-B
Nut, Union HR30136
Plug, Quick Disconnect 634-A-3/4IN-SS
Packing Nut B-122 D-0000
Thread Piece, Union MIL-F-1183/10
Thread Piece, Union MIL-F-1183/10
Fitting, Lubrication 10524162
Elbow, Tube 308-2580
Elbow, Tube 10560091
Elbow, Tube 10560096
Elbow, Tube 10524357
Elbow, Tube 10560102
Elbow, Tube 10560106
Elbow, Tube 10560108
Reducer, Tube 351-8078
Nipple, Tube 320-0949
Nipple, Tube 108-006
Nipple, Tube 10560089
Nipple, Tube 998-8092
Nipple, Tube 10524390
Tee, Tube 10560107
Clamp, Hose 10524336
Clamp, Hose 81974400175
Tee, Pipe 55508
Plug, Pipe 2861-3
Coupling, Clamp, Pipe 46C-6
Bushing, Pipe 4443K735
Bushing, Pipe 8138
Strainer Element, Sediment 3832
Elbow, Pipe 110-7365
Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-emulsion 10881
Strainer Element, Sediment 9056-4483
Thread Piece, Union FIG5321-400
Thread Piece, Union MIL-F-1183/10-13A3
Thread Piece, Union MIL-F-1183/10-12A
Elbow, Tube 4073433
Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-emulsion 1/4 HHX-12

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