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Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, And Railing Fittings - FSC 4730

Adapters; Bends; Caps; Clamps; Connectors; Couplings; Crosses; Elbows; Expansion Joints; Ferrules; Flanges; Laterals; Lubrication Fittings; Manifolds; Nipples; Nozzles; Outlets; Plugs; Reducers; Swing And Swivel Joints; Tees; Traps; Unions; Wyes.
Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Elbow, Pipe 6ND82
Elbow, Pipe 59197
Elbow, Pipe 12FPE-SS
Elbow, Pipe To Hose 8SE-SS
Elbow, Pipe To Tube 3405-8-8-SS
Elbow, Pipe To Tube A3405LL-8
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 3601159
Tee, Pipe 8ST-SS
Reducer, Pipe 12-16RPN-SS
Coupling, Boss 87500139
Clamp, Hose 117-0151
Clamp, Hose NAS1922-0825-1
Coupling Half, Self-sealing 8510566-1
Coupling Half, Self-sealing AE86371E
Coupling Half, Self-sealing 7D0385-2
Coupling Half, Self-sealing 7D0386-2-06
Flange, Pipe 6826K116
Strainer, Sediment AN-1.00-351-V
Strainer, Sediment AN-5.0-155M-A
Strainer Element, Sediment S-8.0-1240-11-I-0-0
Strainer Element, Sediment S-1.00-1714-4-0-16-0
Strainer Element, Sediment BK-5.0-155M-4-J-0-0
Strainer Element, Sediment FFG-300 ITEM 59
Strainer Element, Sediment FFG-300 ITEM 60
Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-emulsion D-1433
Restrictor, Fluid Flow L5800178-003
Fitting A15S3528-1
Fitting A15S3528-3
Fitting N3811
Coupling, Hose 6138952
Nipple, Tube 4823421-5
Nipple, Tube 4823428-0
Tee, Tube To Boss 1410M73P02
Trap, Moisture D041-00000
Trap, Moisture D041-00000
Trap, Moisture D041-00000
Trap, Moisture D041-00000
Tee, Tube DAA7229A318-003
Plug, Pipe OA7C5
Cap, Tube 17G470042-3
Plug, Pipe 17G470042-5
Ferrule, Swage, Tube Coupling 7D0028PV12
Nut Assembly, Tube Coupling NA30107AR
Coupling Half, Self-sealing AE86053G
Coupling Body, Tube C30140C
Coupling Body, Tube 7D0260C80
Coupling Body, Tube C30107AR
Tee, Tube 17P6D2007-1
Clamp, Hose 6696369-3
Clamp, Hose 6696369
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect 6303466-001
Flange, Pipe 5855415
Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-emulsion 51032
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose 450-53B
Strainer, Sediment 3993
Trap, Moisture 041-10000
Strainer Body, Sediment FFG-300 ITEM 73
Elbow, Pipe To Tube 20-20 071602
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube SS-8-TA-7-6RP
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 1410M73P17
Union, Tube H859-4-6SS
Coupling, Pipe 4-4 040101
Reducer, Pipe 09-130/1 1/2NPT X 1 NPT
Reducer, Tube 1410M73P14
Reducer, Tube 6-753-000849
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss DAA7221L004
Tee, Tube To Boss 1410M73P03
Fitting, Lubrication 1102K12
Plug, Pipe 21C7352P03
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect AE85552K
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect APHN16-16FV
Coupling Half, Quick Disconnect AS189
Strainer, Sediment ST051-010-BFM005-1/32M
Strainer, Sediment AN-8.0-155M-A
Strainer, Sediment AN-14.0-155-I
Strainer Element, Sediment AN-8.0-155M-A
Strainer Element, Sediment BK-14.0-920-4-J-0-0
Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-emulsion 781101-3
Ferrule, Swage, Tube Coupling 7D0259D12
Seal, Conical, Flared Tube Fitting 2GA431
Coupling Assembly, Tube, Flexible DAA3122P096
Nut Assembly, Tube Coupling NA30140C
Fitting, Air Line 169-969
Nipple, Pipe 4830K113
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss Z848-TTO-06X06
Elbow, Flange To Pipe 23501217
Packing Nut H9-585-33-3210
Expansion Joint, Pipe 44423
Strainer, Sediment 869321
Nipple, Pipe 12PN-SS
Reducer, Tube 3307219-1
Reducer, Tube 3307220-1
Plug, Pipe 1/2-HHP-SS
Low Speed Coupling LS CPLG FOR 7YGX40B W/O 6083
Seal, Buffer 39-RG-02-625-A-42
Seal, Buffer 39-RG-01-500-A-4
Nipple, Tube Z832-TT-04X04
Cap, Pipe 830-TT-04
Coupling, Tube 3612038-1
Elbow, Tube To Boss Z849-TTO-04X06

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