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Hose, Pipe, Tube, Lubrication, And Railing Fittings - FSC 4730

Adapters; Bends; Caps; Clamps; Connectors; Couplings; Crosses; Elbows; Expansion Joints; Ferrules; Flanges; Laterals; Lubrication Fittings; Manifolds; Nipples; Nozzles; Outlets; Plugs; Reducers; Swing And Swivel Joints; Tees; Traps; Unions; Wyes.
Last Modified: Jul 09, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Strainer Element, Sediment 352250044516
Elbow, Boss 3278464
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 426703
Restrictor, Fluid Flow 426708
Tee, Tube To Boss AS1005D121008
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss 023735
Tee, Tube MRK-103A ITEM 16
Plug, Pipe 2-130109NS
Flange, Pipe 930517
Expansion Joint, Pipe FSF 0430
Strainer Element, Sediment 204-91730-16
Strainer Element, Sediment 204-91730-18
Nozzle, Sand Blast MB1500-32
Nozzle, Sand Blast MB1500-29
Bolt, Fluid Passage 181370
Nozzle, Spray, Fluid-emulsion US4-275-236
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose HC6X6
Elbow, Tube ST7M207T10
Nut, Hose Coupling 7M159D5L
Nut, Union 845-2110254 PIECE 3 1/4IN
Plug, Pipe 188965-0030L1
Adaptor Oxygen Syst 904-003-341
Elbow, Hose To Boss 31207-10-10
Reducer, Tube 17780
Strainer Element, Sediment VD-00941-8R
Strainer Element, Sediment 931442
Nipple, Pipe 6758719G
Plug, Pipe 30814022
Strainer, Sediment 2D64041-001
Tee, Pipe 6786312G
Strainer Element, Sediment 123-JT-MN-116-1 1/2
Flange, Pipe 000234987-000
Nut, Union 803-2177934-X7XX-04
Plug, Pipe 2753904
Connector, Multiple, Fluid Pressur 03207-307
Tee, Flange To Tube 23005130
Tee, Flange To Tube 6899567
Adapter, Straight, Flange To Tube 6896648
Bushing, Pipe 2529183
Nut, Union 845-2110254 PIECE 3 1IN
Strainer, Sediment 48920202
Bushing, Pipe 6764453E
Tailpiece, Union 9379-4318
Strainer, Suction P20-1.25-200-RV
Strainer Element, Sediment S-2.5-1717-11-F-0
Strainer Element, Sediment S-2.0-11M-4-J-41-0
Strainer Element, Sediment S-2.5-11M-4-7-41-0
Body, Inline Screen Assembly CON677-4508-3
Tee, Tube To Boss ER834-05-04-04
Strainer Body, Sediment 2620-929X6ASSYD,1.00IN
Clamp, Hose 365C62-225S
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose 11585
Outlet, Tube 4PC12
Strainer, Sediment 071-04285
Wye, Quick Disconnect 13225E9190
Clamp, Hose J230
Hose Connection Assembly, Air, Sal D15527/26
Connector, Hose, Bulkhead 3924567
Elbow, Boss 393401
Cap, Tube 470033
Tee, Tube BACT16BX6J
Connector, Hose, Bulkhead AE25851M
Restrictor, Fluid Flow JEVA1835404H
Connector, Hose, Bulkhead AE25857H
Elbow, Pipe To Boss 6-SME-4UAD
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 40816B
Tee, Hose 1908
Strainer Element, Sediment 47990896
Tee, Pipe To Tube 4-8RBTX-B
Strainer, Sediment AN-4.0-851-F2
Coupling, Tube R83121T10
Packing Nut 2-505-009-375
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Hose 20642-6-5
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 7M668A4-2
Tee, Tube To Boss 7-448-101005
Strainer Element, Sediment 1136E67FN15
Strainer, Sediment 142SW-1.5-600-.020SS
Strainer, Sediment 000374074-001
Plug, Pipe 305-00
Connector, Tubing, Branched 6-1-9914-24
Fitting, Lubrication 2-469-002-376
Nut, Tube Coupling BACN10ZA12J
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube 6-1-8279
Elbow, Tube To Boss Z849-TT0-10X08-LT
Elbow, Tube To Boss 12X10-C50L0S-LT
Tee, Tube BACT16BT080608JN
Elbow, Tube To Boss 37494 ITEM 2
Adapter, Straight, Tube To Boss 7-448
Elbow, Tube BACE21BW08D
Elbow, Tube To Boss 37494 ITEM 1
Flange, Pipe 000243980-000
Coupling Assembly, Tube, Flexible GSN151-32-2
Plug, Pipe 2-542-010-376
Nipple, Tube 198006
Cap, Tube 7-448-101016
Nut, Tube Coupling BACN10ZA04AJ
Reducer, Tube BACU24BN1008J
Plug, Pipe 1F-6364
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Tube A600-1-6-OR
Coupling, Tube 3280770

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