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Valves, Nonpowered - FSC 4820

Automatic Nonpowered Valves; Gate, Globe, Angle, Check, And Relief Valves; Cocks.
Last Modified: Aug 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Valve, Check 6703665
Seat, Valve 144355P10
Seat, Valve 13515
Parts Kit, Check Valve P7762
Spring Assembly, Valve 3018-202
Valve, Safety Relief L2110C
Valve, Stop-check 354920
Valve, Stop-check 5153S4824-3699
Valve, Stop-check 5153S4824-3702
Valve Assembly 779271-105
Valve Assembly 779271-106
Plate, Valve 612A343P1
Valve, Safety Relief 20318
Valve, Expansion MVE42GA
Piston, Valve CT10C20
Valve, Rotary, Selector D8451-1/4D28P
Stem, Needle Valve 50624-18
Seat, Valve 810-2178000PC2SH2Q3
Seat, Valve V7944PC31
Seat, Valve 2621-926-03PC18ACLJ 1/4IN
Disk, Valve 3362-036
Clamp, Regulator Valve 3844-016
Valve, Angle 312-7001-985898PCD4
Valve, Angle 313-2200-233451PCABA3T003
Valve, Angle 533182
Valve, Angle 115782
Valve, Check X1688
Valve, Stop-check 282-4900-801834REVCPCV26
Valve, Check 4824-935027PC2T05-8T015-17-18
Valve, Globe 4824-983032PC1T05-7-9
Valve, Globe 572-4801-1415429ALTAPCV5
Valve, Plug 563-4801-932515ALT3PC1703-6-10--
Valve, Globe 2100-935086PC1-4T012-17T022
Valve, Globe 2100-935081PC1-4T012-17T026
Valve, Check 5058-417PCV14
Valve, Safety Relief 2476-437PCV83
Seat, Valve CS4820-0098
Valve, Flow Control 789594
Parts Kit, Diaphragm Replacement W292A58
Seat, Valve 8344652
Cock, Plug 8331259
Seat, Valve 8330325
Valve, Safety Relief 571973
Valve, Safety Relief 622B2-1/4-28
Seat, Valve F20-09170PIECE 4
Seat, Valve 2621-926-03PC18-1IN
Stem, Fluid Valve 8B823004-1
Stem, Fluid Valve 8B823004-3
Stem, Needle Valve 2285795
Valve, Safety Relief MILV20065
Parts Kit, Valve KIT536
Parts Kit, Rotary Cam Directional P58906
Parts Kit, Safety Relief Valve 8584-5012
Parts Kit, Safety Relief Valve 8584-5013
Seat, Valve SS845-2110238PC15TFN1 1-2IN
Seat, Valve 2682079
Sleeve And Slide, Directional Con 5224-018
Stem, Valve 2632-912X1PIECE7-2IN
Valve, Globe 370-2M0DPL993-3-8IN
Valve, Ball 2640-852X01ASSYRB,RD,RF,RG
Seat, Valve 845-4558787 ITEM 18Q3
Parts Kit, Valve 36037
Disk, Valve 01107-0341-05
Disk, Valve A7921.004
Disk, Valve 07920003000
Disk, Valve 025-00703
Disk, Valve A10635-001
Valve, Check 5594ASSYAS2 1-2IN
Valve, Globe SS845-2110225ASSYBL1
Valve, Globe 2621-906X10ASSYIF
Parts Kit, Ball Valve 2640-339X2PC31TTM7DLRNQ3
Stem, Valve 2640-336X1PC4
Stem, Valve 13G0017-262
Ball, Valve SS845-2180714PC5
Stem, Valve 76553-24X1PC4
Valve, Ball 845-2180750ASSYA
Valve, Ball 845-2109855ASSYATWUTOPER
Valve, Ball 803-5001003A9512 1-21N
Ball And Seat Assembly, Valve 803-5001003-A7X1-3A,04
Valve, Ball 2640-403X1ASSYGX1 1-2IN
Valve, Gate SS845-2445160ASSYA
Stem, Valve 2640-920X2PC10
Ball, Valve SS845-2180716PC3
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 320-3-1
Valve, Check 226691
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 1342X5T
Diaphragm, Valve 0X090-02009CP
Slide Sleeve, Valve 3147RAREVD PIECE 2
Valve, Check 8209387P30
Valve, Pneumatic Tank 26-20420AA643-13
Valve, Regulating, Fluid Pressure 67FR22
Seat, Valve 02-15397
Valve, Check 1112-589979
Valve, Restrictor Check 1R7731-1
Valve, Ball 1 1-2HT36GT
Valve, Check 864A6TBL
Valve, Safety Relief 80-4S-CS135
Valve, Globe A24146-3
Seat, Valve 03S787P213
Valve 251PWS

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