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Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4920

Maintenance Stands Designed For Support Of Aircraft Assemblies During Repair Or Overhaul; Test Stands And Test Equipment Specially Designed For Maintenance And Repair Of Aircraft Components Such As: Engines, Generators, Hydraulic Systems, Armament, Automatic Pilot, Fire Control, Flight Control, And Navigational Systems.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
4920-01-484-9518 Equip Set N01 Bearn PWA58026
4920-01-484-9519 Case, Tool Kit, Aircraft Maintenan PWA58025
4920-01-484-9520 Adapter PWA58048
4920-01-484-9521 Adptr Heat No1 Brg PWA58055
4920-01-484-9522 Panel, Interface Device PWA58109-8
4920-01-484-9523 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58118
4920-01-484-9524 Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic PWA58063
4920-01-484-9525 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58068
4920-01-484-9526 Equip Set No 5 Brg PWA58084
4920-01-484-9527 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58132
4920-01-484-9529 Adptr Set Press Chk PWA58149
4920-01-484-9530 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58169
4920-01-484-9531 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58173
4920-01-484-9532 Stand, Maintenance, Aircraft Engin PWA58150
4920-01-484-9533 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA58135
4920-01-484-9534 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58155
4920-01-484-9535 Installation And Removal Tool, Bu PWA58224
4920-01-484-9536 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA58143
4920-01-484-9537 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58238
4920-01-484-9538 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58191
4920-01-484-9539 Set Seal Retnr PWA58198
4920-01-484-9540 Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58174
4920-01-484-9541 Equipment Set PWA58239
4920-01-484-9543 Holder, Maintenance Fixture, Multi PWA58176
4920-01-484-9544 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA58189
4920-01-484-9545 Equipment Set Gbx PWA58236
4920-01-484-9546 Drift Base PWA58252
4920-01-484-9547 Compressor PWA58275
4920-01-484-9550 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58229
4920-01-484-9551 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58232
4920-01-484-9554 Equipment Set PWA58284
4920-01-484-9555 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58306
4920-01-484-9556 Test Set, Aircraft Engine PWA59212
4920-01-484-9557 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58249
4920-01-484-9558 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58308
4920-01-484-9559 Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic PWA58309
4920-01-484-9561 Eye Lift PWA58311
4920-01-484-9562 Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic PWA58303
4920-01-484-9563 Mandrell PWA58285
4920-01-484-9910 Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 5HG00167-101
4920-01-484-9911 Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 123D7304-1G
4920-01-485-0304 Adapter, Test 5HG52005-101
4920-01-485-0308 Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance F527-14770
4920-01-485-0658 Retainer, Engine Maintenance, Airc PWA58248
4920-01-485-0840 Blanket, Heat, Rubber 74B119123-101
4920-01-485-0854 Blanket, Heat, Rubber A4BLA154
4920-01-485-0895 Blanket, Heat, Rubber 74B119123-107
4920-01-485-0898 Blanket, Heat, Rubber 74B119123-105
4920-01-485-1011 Card Cage Assembly, 3260AS101-1
4920-01-485-1014 Cca, Adc Measurement 3260AS130-1
4920-01-485-1019 System Power Supply 3260AS128-1
4920-01-485-1021 Case, Test Set C1527-4DTDB99
4920-01-485-1561 Adapter Set, Aircraft Maintenance PWA58109-7
4920-01-485-1564 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA58050
4920-01-485-2225 Stand, Maintenance, Aircraft Engin 106891001
4920-01-485-3428 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA58240
4920-01-485-3519 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr BTR-18155
4920-01-485-3560 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 3R1437G01
4920-01-485-3565 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 3C4269G01
4920-01-485-3895 Cable Assembly, Interface Device, 735502-1
4920-01-485-3896 Cable Assembly, Interface Device, 735501-1
4920-01-485-3898 Cable Assembly, Interface Device, 735503-1
4920-01-485-3900 Test Station, Fuel Control System 74D460502-1001
4920-01-485-3901 Maint Set Ac Bushin 74D110550-1001
4920-01-485-3904 Pioneer Launch Cont 7263720
4920-01-485-4429 Adapter, Test 12990365
4920-01-485-5135 Rotator, Engine 17G233109-1
4920-01-485-5139 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 17G230288-1
4920-01-485-5150 Fixture, Aircraft Maintenance 5HG00203-125
4920-01-485-5272 Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic PWA500289
4920-01-485-5607 Adapter, Test 17G690550-1
4920-01-485-5615 Fixture, Machining, Aircraft Engin PWA72581
4920-01-485-5653 Adapter, Test 17G720617-1
4920-01-485-5654 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA72541
4920-01-485-5660 Tank Unit, Test, Aircraft Componen 74D460504-1001
4920-01-485-5663 Cable Assembly, Interface Device, 74D490500-1001
4920-01-485-5678 Fixture, Fuel System Components, A 74D460506-1001
4920-01-485-5681 Water Capture Cart PM250-A
4920-01-485-5761 Filter Assembly, Air 2029AS845-10
4920-01-485-6021 Test Set, Synchro 8500-S3475
4920-01-485-6040 Test Set, Synchro 8500-S3497
4920-01-485-6045 Test Set, Synchro 5310-S3476
4920-01-485-6065 Test Set, Synchro 5310-S3476-2
4920-01-485-6260 Mask, Plasma Spray PWA72528
4920-01-485-6263 Maintenance Kit, Aircraft ML4321244-01
4920-01-485-6267 Maintenance Kit, Aircraft 4324710
4920-01-485-6281 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA500269
4920-01-485-6282 Fixture, Machining, Aircraft Engin PWA72525
4920-01-485-6284 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA500282
4920-01-485-6285 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA72532
4920-01-485-6286 Jig, Drill, Aircraft Engine Mainte PWA772571
4920-01-485-6288 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA72524
4920-01-485-6289 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA500265
4920-01-485-6291 Fixture, Machining, Aircraft Engin PWA72526
4920-01-485-6292 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA500267
4920-01-485-6293 Adapter Assembly, Interface Devic PWA500228
4920-01-485-6294 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA72527
4920-01-485-6295 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr PWA500234
4920-01-485-6530 Fixture, Engine Maintenance, Aircr 3C4308G01
4920-01-485-6691 Pioneer Electrical, 3574AS500-1

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