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Torpedo Maintenance, Repair, And Checkout Specialized Equipment - FSC 4921

Specially Designed Maintenance, Test, Checkout, And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment For Maintenance And Repair Of Torpedoes, Torpedo Components; Adapters, Fixtures, Inspection And Holding Fixtures, Leveling Jack Assemblies, Fuel Filling And Syphon Assemblies, Control Surface Adapter And Protractor Assemblies, Afterbody Cradle Adapter And Tilting Mount Assemblies, Pressure Air Heater Assemblies, Motor Drier And Puller Assemblies, Test Stand Levels And Stands For Overhaul, Maintenance, Test, Checkout, And Repair Of Torpedo And Torpedo Components, Test Panels, Fixtures, And Test Sets For Electrical Circuits, Firing Circuits And Torpedo Test Sets.
Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Test Set Subassembly, Torpedo Com 2416334
Snubber, Hydraulic, P 2281128
Standoff, Hexagon, 2540823
Stand Assembly 2210980
Indicator, Pressure Differential 200965
Reservoir 2279711
Shipping And Storag 1520551
Plug Assembly, Prot 2415118
Installation Tool 2288190
Indicator, Flow 2288331
Bracket Assembly 2284639
Cap Assembly, Protective 2281162-8
Cap, Vent 2284576
Cap Assembly, Protective 2420349
Guide Strip 2266358
Heater 2422261
Valve, Unloading 2419188
Roller 2414835
Lead, Electrical 2417785
Finholder Assembly 2425094
Adapter, Exhaust 2427826
Transmitter 2452580
Multivibrator 2452610
Circuit Assembly 2452620
Fire Control Assemb 2452630
Speed Control Assem 2452640
Display 2159213
Sensing Circuit Ass BUWEPSLD546972
Test Set Subassembly, Torpedo Com BUWEPSLD546965
Generator, Echo Asse BUWEPSLD546964
Amplifier 2452510
Functional Test Ass BUWEPSLD547036
Timing Assembly BUWEPSLD547035
Display, Two Unit 2159420
Monitor, Transmit As BUWEPSLD547053
Guard, Propeller 1244966
Retreiving Cage Ass LD287500
Lapping Plate 2452743
Handle, Lapping Plat 2551291
Roller BUWEPSDWG2574655
Wrench Thrust 1984200
Bracket Assembly 1660813
Tester Assembly 1312339
Tester Assembly LD294292
Tool Assembly, Handl LD160738
Inspection Unit WA64610
Protector, Thread 2571095
Saddle, Tail Cone 2571105
Wrench, Tee, Idler Nu BUWEPSDWG2571233
Checker, Pressure, Hy 2571234
Adapter, Switch 2541781
Fitting, Vacuum 2541784
Cable, Tes, Er 2541785
Adapter, Vacuum 2541787
Punch, Dye Container 2541788
Fixture, Handling Forebody 2541792
Fill And Bleed, Fore 2541795
Adapter Assembly, Af 2541802
Adapter Assembly, Cy 2541803
Tool, Fuel Cap 2541818
Strap, Ground 2541823
Cap, Protective 2571275
Wrench, Combustion BUWEPSDWG2571232
Test Set Mk393-0 LD539994
Test Set Mk312-0 BUWEPSDWG482753
Fixture Measuring BUWEPSLD547746
Tool, Plunger BUWEPSDWG1873735
Tool, Spring 1263853
Cage 1873798
Lapper And Adapter, BUWEPSLD161356
Overhaul Stand, Torp LD161302
Tool, Holding BUWEPSLD281034
Guide, Ring Set 750644
Container And Oil, T BUWEPSDWG882865
Hose Assembly 696453
Test Set Subassembly, Torpedo Com BUWEPSDWGWA16173
Cable LD620006
Cable LD496022
Processing Unit PATC0M0DELK
Test Set, Leakage BUWEPSLD475511
Adapter, Main Engine BUWEPSDWGWU29438
Test Set LD298426
Box, Stowage LD161365
Booties, Plastic BUWEPSDWG694047
Lock, Cage 757884
Adapter, Hand Hole BUWEPSDWG2482567
Restriction Assembl BUWEPSDWG897873
Stand, Afterbody, Adj 1874199
Fixture, Pendulum LD620254
Testing Pot Assembl 1874202
Funnel Assembly, Wat LD620220
Test Set Subassembly, Torpedo Com BUWEPSLM2639900
Test Cable Assembly 2639851
Counter Electronic BUWEPSDWG1803308
Modification Kit, Maintenance And AS6616
Test Set, Torpedo LD620312
Wrench, Cartridge Ta 328798PC2
Cable Assembly, Radio Frequency, B 2042428
Installer, Packing P 2413497
Tilt Assembly, Indic BUWEPSLD620388

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