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Depth Charges And Underwater Mines Maintenance, Repair, And Checkout Specialized Equipment - FSC 4923

Specially Designed Maintenance, Test, Checkout And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment For Maintenance And Repair Of Depth Charges And Underwater Mines; Adapters, Inspection, Test And Holding Fixtures; Stands For Overhaul, Maintenance, Test, Checkout, And Repair Of Underwater Mines And Depth Charges; Test Fixtures, Panels Plus Assemblies And Test Sets For Leak Test, Pressure Test, Firing Circuits And Timing Devices.
Last Modified: Sep 17, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
4923-01-279-1803 Panel-chassis, Exploder Test Set 5611180
4923-01-279-1804 Tester, Exploder Well 5611207
4923-01-279-7312 Bottom Section, Carrying Case 5003224
4923-01-279-7313 Top Section, Carrying Case 5505304
4923-01-281-3125 Base, Test Set, Underwater Mine 3280934
4923-01-281-3126 Cover, Test Set, Underwater Mine 3280956
4923-01-281-3127 Can, Test Set, Underwater Mine 3280963
4923-01-291-1662 Test Set, Acoustic 6224282
4923-01-388-8349 Test Set, Underwater Mine 6915910
4923-01-414-8855 Test Set 6916132
4923-01-422-6084 Tool And Equipment Kit, Underwate 6011565
4923-01-437-4475 Test Set, Underwater Mine 5265138
4923-01-439-5961 Maintenance Fixture, Underwater M 1624E13G01
4923-01-439-5962 Test Set, Underwater Mine 6D01272G01
4923-01-439-5963 Maintenance Fixture, Underwater M 1D64071G01
4923-01-440-3954 Maintenance Fixture, Underwater M 6744189
4923-01-485-9925 Tool And Equipment Kit, Underwate B50253-1
4923-01-490-3449 Stop Cover B50173-1
4923-01-499-1367 Test Set, Underwater Mine 6097234-002
4923-01-515-1950 Test, Fixture 7354721

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