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Ammunition Maintenance, Repair, And Checkout Specialized Equipment - FSC 4925

Specially Designed Maintenance, Test, Checkout, And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment, For Maintenance And Repair Of Ammunition Items; Adapters, Ammunition Feeders And Hoppers; Inspection And Holding Fixtures; Linkers, Linkers-delinkers, And Delinkers To Assemble And Disassemble Ammunition Belts; Surveillance Ovens; Explosimeters; Primer Firing Device Fixtures; Mandrels; Repositioning Machines; Gas Bomb Service Kits; Test Fixtures; Panels; Plug Assemblies; And Test Sets For Ammunition Maintenance, Checkout And Repair.
Last Modified: Mar 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rod, Ejector, Linker- 11140041
Tray, Feed, Upper Car 11140203
Support, Insulated 788596-1
Cam, Wing Lock 679608-1
Tool Assembly, Flare 7027691
Tester, Rocket Circu 968750-801
Meter Circuit Teste 101-5CFG
Puller Assembly, Car 452542
Rack, Storage-transf 25-33467-800
Test Fixture, Vaccum 12C00348-001
Test Set, E, Ploder WA6482
Linker, Hand 8407178
Plug, Nozzle Closure 01C00414-001
Cover, Injector Valv 1124601-1
Inspection Stand, Ro 1146525-9
Loader, Box Magazine, Ammunition 11691244
Gage Kit, Shim Gagin 12C00329-001
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 12C00343-001
Cable Set 12C00347-001
Extractor, Shoulder 8U34592-01
T-rail Guide 68D33235
Sling, Tilting, Rocket Motor 66T0GD389-101
Cap, Thrust Vector C 1216830-5
Adapter, Hoisting, Ro 368902-9
Impaler, Rocket Moto 320433-1
Support, Rocket Moto 320425
Cap, Target Simulato 704125-1
Head Assembly, Targe 704132-1
Bulkhead, Rear, Targe 704139-1
Shield Assembly 704143-1
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 1016667
Shelter, Truck, Rocke 69T0GD34
Test Chamber, Explos 00YEPD0005
Module Assembly, Tes 704150-1
Bulkhead, Front, Modu 704183-1
Bulkhead, Middle, Mod 704186-1
Bulkhead, Rear, Modul 704187-1
Adapter Assembly, Ga 713613-1
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance KMU248E
Linker-delinker, Hand A10621
Discharger Assembly 0S023013
Injector Assembly 0S023014
Jig Assembly 0S023017
Stand, Maintenance, Dispenser 9287630
Stand Assy, Gyro 1312252
Test Set, Mk284 1370209
Socket, Special Purp BUWEPSDWG1105946
Arm, E, Tension, Count 7793318
Support Assy, Counte 7793320
Tray Assy, Feed 7793336
Bolt Assy, Eye 66346PC90
Programmer, Electronic Command Si 856425-1
Target Simulator As 704120-1
Adapter, Test Set 704148-1
Monitor Assembly, Vi HS020152-001-00
Adapter, Fuel Tank 1330793
Calibration Plug 9280148
Cable, Test, Control Panel 9280144
Cable, Power 9280145
Wrench, Cartridge Ta 8Z920PC2
Carrier, Bomb 388521
Carrier, Bomb 561775
Support Assy 521214
Test Set LD174816
Tightener Assembly, WA16524
Truck 466404
Stand, Storage, Guide HS020013-001-00
Sling, Mk107-0 RE2K
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 1146515-9
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 1146522-9
Stand, Maintenance, R 1146519-9
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 1146523-9
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 1146518-9
Protective Kit, Cha 1146520-9
Protector Chamber, D 29-43856-1
Fixture Assembly, To 702813-1
Fixture Assembly, Torque 702813-2
Mount, Swivel 702958-2
Vand Fitting 2178807-1
Vand Fitting 3178807-2
Vand Fitting 3178807-3
Cartridge, Simulator T782-35
Disk, Test, Cartridge T782-34
Insulation Removal 7U40804-01
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 1148723-9
Linker-delinker, Powered 68J33222
Linker-delinker, Powered 68J33135
Test Set, Bomb Guidance Kit 704104
Test Set, Bomb Guidance Kit 702744
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 1147944-9
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 1148696-9
Plate, Pressure 703049-1
Plate, Pressure 703049-2
Mounting Block, Latch 703055-1
Plate Assembly, Seek 703075-2
Test Fixture, Charge 515-7271-005
Slide, Seeker Plate 703115-1
Slide, Seeker Plate 703115-2
Target, Test Set, Bomb 703122-1
Lens, Target, Test Se 703124-1

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