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Ammunition Maintenance, Repair, And Checkout Specialized Equipment - FSC 4925

Specially Designed Maintenance, Test, Checkout, And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment, For Maintenance And Repair Of Ammunition Items; Adapters, Ammunition Feeders And Hoppers; Inspection And Holding Fixtures; Linkers, Linkers-delinkers, And Delinkers To Assemble And Disassemble Ammunition Belts; Surveillance Ovens; Explosimeters; Primer Firing Device Fixtures; Mandrels; Repositioning Machines; Gas Bomb Service Kits; Test Fixtures; Panels; Plug Assemblies; And Test Sets For Ammunition Maintenance, Checkout And Repair.
Last Modified: Feb 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gauge, Centering LD273475
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 1369782
Cro Probe 1626656
Cage, Retrieving 1473466
Cavity Tester 1128639
Cable, Test LD475708
Cable, Test LD475709
Test Set, Electric Squib ANUSM90
Fling, Hoisting 1803350
Roller, Loading Hand 7143813
Guide, Cartridge 7269370
Test Set LD485427
Cocking Tool 1776053
Disc G90534810
Driver 1659953-1
Sling Assy LD497857
Test Set, Arm-disarm 12C00376-001
Tester Assy, Circuit 22D8G1
Mirror Assy, Flashli 1380899
Handle, Loading 5564045
Adapter 1155143
Test Set, Continuity, Igniter Circ 10055154
Linker-delinker, Powered 7793376
Handle ML10
Handle 7162051
Extractor 7162055
Slide 7162057
Pan 7162068
Attachment, Delinkin 7162737
Linker-delinker, Hand 7226304
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 7307594
Arm 7312244
Gear 7312250
Block 7312253
Bracket 7312259
Cam 7312277
Clutch 7312279
Bell Crank 7312284
Cover 7312286
Crank 7312287
Crank 7312288
Crank 7312289
Door 7312290
End 7312294
Handle 7312321
Hub, Geneva 7312325
End 7312331
End 7312332
Stud 7312333
Lever 7312341
Ring 7312364
Shaft 7312379
Lever 7312393
Switch 7312405
Tool, Base Plug ALPEC619A
Tool, Clip Nut ALPEC619F
Test Set, Continuity, Igniter Circ K704602-101
Sleeve Assy, Bellows 8U35361-01
Brace, Diagonal 3795
Indicator, Tilt 1873905
Timer Assy, Test Set 359053-9
Cutter, E, It Cone 382990-9
Wrench, Detent, Bomb 64B32002
Wrench, Nose Plug Re 61C33776
Tool, Insertion, Bomb 63C32074
Wrench, Base Plug 63C32075
Machine, Hand Operat 7540521
Remover, Primer, Catr 7540639
Shop Equipment, Ammunition Renova SC4925-95CLA03
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 8U34700-01
Test Set, Rocket Mot 8U34589-01
Pin Set, Nozzle Alig 8U35329-01
Plug Kit, Nozzle 382500-9
Alignment Set, Nozzl CLU40E
Bellows, Assembly 2047897
Vand System 1873993
Retainer, Bomb Safety 8887947
Tester, Load, Cable B 8U34785-01
Truck, Lift Mk 41 M0 LD497916
Handle 1808067
Torque Fixture Kit APE2075M1
Linker-delinker, Hand 7790853
Ordalt Set AS10092
Tester, Function, Pri 60C90689
Wrench, Tail Plug 1659949
Bogie, Rocket Motor 8U35333-01
Puller, Nozzle Beari 8U34593-01
Fixture, Accumulator BUWEPSDWG2159650
Fitting, Test 2452723
Board Assembly 2452563
Pliers, Crimp 2132515
Bracket 1391122
Test Adapter, Rotary 8861919
Fuze Setter, Battery MAU17E
Meter System 2314C
Slidewire Disc STD283A
Plunger 2166172
Clamp Set, Switch De 8U39639-01
Sling, End Ring 66T0GD585
Hydraulic Power Uni 8U39512-01

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