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Ammunition Maintenance, Repair, And Checkout Specialized Equipment - FSC 4925

Specially Designed Maintenance, Test, Checkout, And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment, For Maintenance And Repair Of Ammunition Items; Adapters, Ammunition Feeders And Hoppers; Inspection And Holding Fixtures; Linkers, Linkers-delinkers, And Delinkers To Assemble And Disassemble Ammunition Belts; Surveillance Ovens; Explosimeters; Primer Firing Device Fixtures; Mandrels; Repositioning Machines; Gas Bomb Service Kits; Test Fixtures; Panels; Plug Assemblies; And Test Sets For Ammunition Maintenance, Checkout And Repair.
Last Modified: Feb 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Wrench, Fuze Booster 66C37599
Piston, Hydraulic Cy A10-24-1
Follower, Plain A13-24-3
Follower, Threaded 153-FW020-500
Adapter, Continuity 66C37569
Molding Tool, Nozzle 8U38837-01
Test Set, Switch, Saf 8U39680-01
Router Unit, Pneumat 12C00436-001
Tool Kit, Safety And 8U39641-01
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 1124729-9
Fuze Wrench, Rocket 66C37709
Linker-delinker, Hand 7791850
Dissecting Set, Rock 12C00391-001
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 12C00393-001
Cutting Tool, E, It C 12C00431-001
Detent Wrench, Speci 64B32114
Fuze Setting Wrench 64B32115
Dispenser Retractor 64C32116
Stand, Nozzle, Rocket 8U35331-01
Plug Kit, Nozzle F14180-1
Nozzle Spreader Kit F14240-1
Pad, Top, Test Set Module 713574-1
Pad, Spacer, Test Set Module 704134-1
Test Set, Roll Control Valve 368650-99
Sling, Rocket Motor 368761-19
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 368895-19
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 380047-29
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 382751-9
Stand, Maintenance, R 382827-29
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 382834-19
Kit, Protective Cove 382855-9
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 382874-9
Stand, Maintenance, I 382877-19
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 382879-9
Service Console Liq AE99A4
Protective Kit, Igni 382904-9
Maintenance Kit, Nozzle 382907-9
Bolt And Nut Assembly SE12257-1
Installation Kit, Ba 368900-9
Tool, Alignment LD495919
Test Set, Electrical 8860160
Inserting-removing 8U32510-01
Trimmer, Nozzle Pott 8U32583-01
Maintenance Kit, Noz 8U33453-01
Nozzle Positioning 8U32576-02
Sling Torpedo 917679-1
Calibration Assembl 170-42680-1
Ratchet, Hoist, Ammun 762800
Gage, Retreiving LD495943
Tester, Igniter Circ 124G591-1
Modification Kit AS10121-1
Modification Kit AS10121-2
Feeder, Ammunition 11699679
Cable Assembly, Power, Electrical, 1873941
Stand, Surveillance 12C00572-001
Routing-tool 12C00541-001
Test Set, Continuity, Igniter Circ 10055154-2
Plug Assy, Dump Line 382754-19
Nozzle Plug Assy, Ro 382755-19
Flexure MF8-7-5K
Simulator LD293435
Jack, Worm Gear SK1302M213
Jack, Worm Gear 1123951
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 382999-9
Grounding Stud Assembly 383026-9
Jack, Worm Gear 1123950
Valve, Duplex WM377E
Installation Kit, Li 25-21672-34
Amplifier, Nozzle Te 13246E
Body, Drive Adapter 8U38283-01
Buffing Set, Nozzle MXU396E
Maintenence Kit 8U32733-01
Mandrel, Cartridge Case Section PEERLESS70LBM0DELTEMPLATE
Mandrel, Cartridge Case Section IMPERIAL70LBM0DELTEMPLATE
Protection Kit, Equi 1123864-9
Installation Kit, Pl KMU309E
Test Set, Leakage, Ammunition Pack 1123853-9
Sling, Handling, Exit 1125391-9
Winch Drum E0N420
Linker-delinker, Hand 2471477
Shipping Link Assem 8U34792-03
Test Set, Electrical Circuit, Ammu AE24T79
Strain Gage Module SRB200
Motor-transmission, Nozzle Test S 8U38266-01
Valve And Adapter A 383381-9
Valve And Adapter A 383383-9
Valve And Adapter A 383385-9
Valve And Adapter 383387-9
Truck, Carriage AS32A21
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 361092-21
Tool, Alignment 716170
Completion Plug Ass 170-41901-1
Protection Kit, Cove 1123856-9
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 1123857-9
Test Set, Thrust Vec 1123855-19
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 8U35345-01
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 383115-9
Cable Assy, Test 65C29061
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 65C29058
Head, Lifting, Statio 8U34269-01

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