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Ammunition Maintenance, Repair, And Checkout Specialized Equipment - FSC 4925

Specially Designed Maintenance, Test, Checkout, And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment, For Maintenance And Repair Of Ammunition Items; Adapters, Ammunition Feeders And Hoppers; Inspection And Holding Fixtures; Linkers, Linkers-delinkers, And Delinkers To Assemble And Disassemble Ammunition Belts; Surveillance Ovens; Explosimeters; Primer Firing Device Fixtures; Mandrels; Repositioning Machines; Gas Bomb Service Kits; Test Fixtures; Panels; Plug Assemblies; And Test Sets For Ammunition Maintenance, Checkout And Repair.
Last Modified: Nov 18, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gage, Nozzle Alignme 8U34587
Ball Nut, Jackscrew 32043
Motor, Pneumatic 33P551
Pneumatic Vise, Ammunition APE1204
Tank, Pitch-in Hand Grenade APE1213
Pattern Generator 64A15D33
Pattern Generator 64A15D34
Divider Assy 64A15D36
Video Switching 64A15D37
Blank And Sync 64A15D39
Mixer, Amplifier SCP1003
Adapter, Vacuum Test 2526814
Wrench, Seal Cap, Tee 2571274
Test Set, Cable, Asro LD620138
Protector, Bomb Parachute 10896308
Amplifier, Charge 264A01
Obliterating Device, Hand Fuze APE1146
Wrench Adapter 9203614
Fixture, Ammunition Maintenance 8U35338-01
Gage, Nozzle Cutoff 12C00577-001
Valve, Governor R3H425A
Ladder, Rocket Motor 66T0GD48
Adapter, Master Gaug 8U32477-01
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 1124632-9
Storage Dolly, Maint 1124630-9
Stand, Continuity 64D32000
Linker-delinker, Powered APE1114
Linker-delinker, Powered 66D37520
Maintenance Kit, Inj 1124631-9
Hose Assembly, Leaka F14166-2
Band, Positioning, Sp 12C00670-001
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 12C00671-001
Flexture 170-40009-10L
Flexture 170-40009-10R
Flexture 170-40009-30L
Flexture 170-40009-30R
Flexture 170-40009-75R
Connector, Special P F14307-58
Guide, Tray 7791479
Test Set, Pressure T 364600-209
Indicator, Torque 8U34148-01
Loader, Box Magazine, Ammunition 6-76127-1
Loader, Box Magazine, Ammunition 6-76127-2
Plug Kit, Nozzle 366892-9
Plug, Umbilical-cable 045-50
Stand, Maintenance, R ETY63E
Test Chamber, Squib 25-29501-1
Switch, Electronic SS25-01
Gage, Master, Alignment 02E00245-001
Ordalt Set AS10064
Connector, Cord, Elec 7791441
Sling, Beam Type, Roc 363125-9
Cover, Protective, Be 8U33752-01
Cleaning Machine, Ul 8U33554-01
Tester, Squib 13060A
Board Assy, Digital 9003-402
Board Assy, Digital 9003-600
Board Assy, Digital 9003-700
Wheel, Bogie, Mainten 3041
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 363357-1
Cable Assy, Gas Cool 1125370-9
Shop Equipment, Ammunition 1125148
Motor Assy, Ammuniti 1125369-9
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line DH77
Adapter Assembly LD544941
Gyro Test Stand LD613317
Gyro Test Set Mk430 LD613318
Fork Loading 8865624
Module Assembly 1124777-9
Module Assembly 1124780-9
Module Assembly 1124782-9
Module Assembly 1124784-9
Module Assembly 1124786-9
Module Assembly 1124788-9
Module Assembly 1124790-9
Module Assembly 1124792-9
Module Assembly 1124794-9
Module Assembly 1125260-9
Module Assembly 1125262-9
Module Assembly 1125565-9
Test Set, Blasting Cap 9227694
Modification Kit, Te AS10156
Tool, Cartridge Rem 9211042
Modification Kit, To AS10160
Tool, Dispenser Downloading 7530872-10
Dolly, Rocket Motor 368744-19
Guide, Transfer Asse 68D33195
Compression Tool, Wing Actuator 876413-1
Linker-delinker, Hand 7530859-10
Shaft, Upper, Linker-delinker 68C33248
Rail, Link Support 68B33259
Collar, Rod, Clutch 68B33260
Chute, Exit 68D33159
Yoke, Clutch 68C33253
Crank, Linker-delinker 68C33262
Support, Linking Tray 68D33137
Shaft, Linker-delinker 68C33208
Compression Tool, Wing Actuator 876413-2
Clamp, Handle 22-5232
Handle, Receiver 25-1311

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