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Fire Control Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4931

Specially Designed Test Equipment, Maintenance Fixtures And Stands.
Last Modified: May 24, 2018

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Scale, Range, Computer 8565121
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 8575658
Calibration Kit 1089933
Base, Calibrator Indicator BA79
Smoke Eliminator 69052
Adapter, Assembly 10554918-1
Linkage Orientation 2278336-00
Probe H75-478A
Holding Device 2278864-00
Lock, T 2278717-00
Shorting Assembly, Connector 2278553-00
Multimeter Assembly 2278918-00
Tray, Stainless Steel 9471M46
Calibration Set 7916201
Supply Power HL12D27-6
Amplifier, Differential 5A22N
Amplifier, Differential 0176857F00
Sampler, Delayed Sweep 5S14N
Handle, Alignment Tool 003-0307-00
Weight, Table 7916202
Frame, Micrometer 7916205
Power Supply PP5407
Cup 2215717-00
Electronic Unit, Laser Ranging 11737824
Level Assembly 3-5884-94DB4
Module, Plug-in 6030
Flowmeter Assembly 7913481
Calibrator, Standard 745AOPTIONC93
Container Assembly, Boresight Kit 2279685-01
Oscillator, Plug-in 400A
Detector, Mercury Vapor 7916803
Test Set, Calibration Fixture 035-5029-00
Test Set, Fire Contr 189F910
Mount, Detector Assembly 7913473
Tunnel, Diode Pulser 067-0681-01
Drawer, Storage 15026
Base, Column Assembly 70104133
Electronic Unit, Laser Ranging 11743131
Module, Plug-in 6047
Module, Plug-in 6048
Module, Plug-in 6049
Module, Plug-in 6050
Accessory Kit, Tool 1916
Tool Kit, Connector 11591A
Detector, Crystal X424AOPTION002
Module Buffer Ampli 6173
Module Power Supply 6174
Wiring Harness, Branched 591046-171
Wiring Harness, Branched 591044-171
Time Base Board Assembly 05340-60018
Resolution Switch Assembly 05340-60026
Power Supply Board 05340-60029
Board Assembly 05340-60015
Interface Assembly 05340-60031
Preamplifier Board Assembly 05340-60040
Blanking Assembly 05340-60083
Output Board Assembly 05340-60042
Output Board Assembly 05340-60043
Preamplifier Board Assembly 05340-60014
Amplifier Assembly, Direct Count 05340-60041
Analyzer, Logic State 1607A
Switch Assembly, Power 08477-60002
Retainer, Panel Assembly 10554016
Modification Kit, Maintenance And AS8735
Connector, Cable PL93-31219
Wrench, Error Record 1-120922-2
Oscillator, Dummy Di 93-30796-1
Adapter 11687A
Power Standard Assembly 7913995
Cable, Hookup LM2626238
Plug-in Transfer Os 1298
Adapter, Termination 017-0087-00
Test Set, Thermal Sight 804909
Collimator, Telescope 8044-114
Extender Board 05345-60202
Mainframe Measureme MIS-28754/1TY1
Measurement System MIS-28754TYPE1
Plug-in, Frequency C MIS-28754/2
Plug-in, Video Ampli MIS-28754/3
Measurement System MIS-28754TYPE2
Test Set, Target Des 13034400
Power Splitter 1872A
Synchronizer, Interface 4311B
Attenuator Calibrat VM-4ASYSTEM
Plug-in, Radio Frequ 437A
Plug-in, Radio Frequency Head 436A
Target, Antenna Alignment 10548936
Cell Assembly, Optical Instrument 10544455
Accessory Kit 11638AOPTION011
Repair Kit, Laser Range Finder 11674388
Detector, Peak Power 11748167
Ground Support Equi 11508482
Fault Locator 11507815
Test Set, Stabilization System 12252405
Accessory Kit 11638AOPTION010
Alignment Device, Optical Gun Bor 11741648-1
Puller, Circuit Card 11732552
Test Set Subassembly, Fire Contro 0492-D2-268-1
Fixture, Holding And Handling 11747384
Fixture, Cross Level Testing 11747415

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