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Fire Control Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4931

Specially Designed Test Equipment, Maintenance Fixtures And Stands.
Last Modified: May 24, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Zener Reference Ass 100264
Linkage, Orientation 2202202-00
Cable Retainer 7650331-00
Module Set, Troubleshooting 304005
Test Set, Laser Range Finder 11745900
Adapter, Laser Mount, Boresight Ki 7738306
Tester, Receiver-transmitter, Lase 10559608
Valve, Pressure Relief P8712-004B
Collimator Set, Alignment 627223300-019
Test Adapter, Power Supply 13034420
Purge Assembly 11507835
Key Assembly 11745140
Test Set, Laser Range Finder 11747422
Simulator, Transmitter 13034410
Collimator Set, Alignment 229-006546
Plug-in, Radio Frequ 435AP/4309A
Sampler, Radio Frequency 1586
Multiband Unit, Mainframe 4310A/K
Plug-in, Radio Frequency 438AP-1
Case, Test Equipment, Laser Range 10559607
Adapter, Elevation Inspection 11750708
Adapter, Azimuth Inspection 11750709
Calibration Kit, Torque 7915974
Weight Set, Torque 7915978
Cover, Laser Test 11746953
Adapter, Extension 9327721
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 2047163-1
Test Cable Assembly SM-D-805734
Kit, Ignition System MARK-10
Holder, Test Equipment, Fire Contr 58082-40030
Boresight Kit 11830730
Level Set, Bubble, Gunners Quadran 141946
Adapter, Laser Mount, Boresight Ki 7738306-01
Collimator Set, Alignment 141941
Test Set, Laser Range Finder 11747020
Cable, Extender B139-502
Mandrel, Taper 7030595-05
Adapter, Inline Laser 7030595-03
Extender Board 05345-60204
Extender Cable 05345-60205
Clamp, Waveguide 8770-0001
Cable Assembly, Radio Frequency 1585-1000
Termination 9626
Termination, Fixed H301A
Termination, Fixed U301
Attenuator Set 600-4219-001
Termination, Waveguide W510E
Standard, Mismatch 510-A03
Standard, Mismatch 510-A04
Standard, Mismatch 510-A05
Standard, Mismatch 510-A06
Pliers, Clamp 8710-0013
Short, Tunable 901NM
Extender Board 05345-60203
Termination, Fixed G301
Termination, Fixed K301
Maintenance Repair Set 7915910
Maintenance Repair Set 7913456
Short, Fixed P344A
Short, Fixed X344A
Short, Fixed U344A
Short, Fixed K344A
Short, Fixed H344A
Termination, Waveguide 13335393-2
Termination, Waveguide DBH456-1
Termination, Waveguide MDL 1116
Termination, Waveguide DBE456-1
Termination, Waveguide DBD456-1
Short, Sliding DBD969-1
Short, Sliding DBE969-1
Test Set, Electro-optics MIS-30860
Extender Board 2020021-01
Short, Sliding DBK969-1
Detector, Crystal H424A
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 11738283
Mirror Assembly, Calibration 2120655-002
Mainframe, Counter MIS-28754/1TY2
Test Set, Fire Control System 72D205026
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 8680300-501
Collimator Set, Alignment 68D310153-1001
Plate, Alignment, Ita 12277609
Resolver Assembly 11508483
Drive, Dual Speed 901356
Card Guide 17B-10-1
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 11780600
Test Set, Adapter Assembly 13033994
Panel Assembly, Boresight Control 8680402-501
Kit, Torque Loading 7915894
Stand, Gunners Primary Sight 12284857
Block Assembly, Left 209-071-479-101
Nylon Cable Assembly CL-42-KA-8.00-16L
Retractor, Cord, Light 975-4
Frame Assembly, Main 209-071-400-103
Frame Assembly, Righ 209-071-400-105
Frame Assembly 209-071-400-107
Frame Assembly 209-071-400-109
Boresight Assembly, T102300-101
Block, Alignment Device 209-071-475-101
Shelf Assembly, Forward 209-071-472-101
Shelf Assembly, Pilot 209-071-471-101

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