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Fire Control Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4931

Specially Designed Test Equipment, Maintenance Fixtures And Stands.
Last Modified: Jun 18, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fixture, Boresight, Portable 12A0001G1-1
Bath, Low Temperatur 7916963
Kit, Oscilloscope 7916930
Handle, Module 367-0285-00
Cable, Coat Tail 175-2902-00
Bridge, Automatic 7916922
Bushing And Shaft 2325118
Calibration Kit 7916966
Calibration, Worksta MIS-35947TYPE2
Holding Fixture, Nig 13083231
Instrument Controll MIS-35948TYPE2
Launcher Test Unit, Smoke Grenade TS-4190/P
Fixture, Test, Fire Control Instru 2886970-1
Electronic Unit, Laser Ranging 13079400-019
Variable Autotransf 9020A
Test Set, Program, Air Defense Gun 13102912-101
Strap, Multiple Leg 72A1662
Test Set, Fire Control System 5929700-3
Bearing, Needle Lower 356906-1
External Power Adap 13160200
Collimator Set, Alignment 7598509
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 8680300-515
Test Set, Simulator System, Laser 9358670
Filter Assembly 9358255
Cover Assembly, Elec 9358252
Cover Assembly, Elec 12354555
Cover Assembly, Electrical 9358311
Cover Assembly, Elec 9358190
Cover Assembly, Elec 9358324
Cover Assembly, Elec 12360048
Power Monitor And C 12359976
Cover Assembly, Electrical 12354557
Cover Assembly, Electrical 12354556
Charging Assembly G 13012630
Collimator Set, Alignment 6732189
Gap Fixture, Solenoid 2887579-1
Collimator, Telescope MRA-107-M6
Tray Assembly 9358581
Tray Assembly 9358580
Adapter, Fill Valve 13160398
Wrench, Collet 2886904-1
Transit Assembly, Ro 13160330
Battery, Readout Met 400166
Test Set, Fire Control System 6218165
Alignment Verification Assembly 10106977-101
Collimation Standard And Storage 9388647
Adapter, Sleeve 12309133-1
Fuseholder Assembly 9377397
Analyzer, Signature 7917064
Analyzer, Digital 7917063
Adapter Kit, Trunnion Alignment 12000682-2
Cylinder, Cap T-432
Test Mobile 7916965
Feed Thru, Low Volta 0024001002
Collimator, Telescope MRA-150C
Test Set, Laser Range Finder LEM-1-E
Tool And Equipment Kit, Air Defen 12000682-1
Pneumatic Pressure MIS-30859/1
Shop Set, Equipment 87023A0000
Test Set, Laser Range Finder TS-4321/AVR-2
Case, Test Equipment, Laser Range NBR 36-14-06-MI
Case, Collimator Set 1978518-1
Case, Collimator Set 1978561-1
Collimator Set, Alignment 1978567-1
Collimator Set, Alignment 1978555-1
Test Set, Fire Control System 3370B94G01
Hp-il Assembly 05006-60004
Test Set, Noise MK666
Housing Assembly, Prism 717750696-009
Cover, Test, Target Pod 717750002-009
Case, Filter 43847
Collimator Set, Alignment 717751457-009
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem G164739-1
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem G164740-1
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 1065999-2
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 5974638
Repair Parts Kit MFM419
Test Bench Set, Fire Control Syst 591800-1
Test Set 3001048
Testset 3001028
Testset 3001027
Oscilloscope Digita 13335439
Controller, Instrume MIS-38938/2TYPEI
Adapter, Test 12309036-4
Vehicle, Mini-preset MINI-PV MOD 3/4
Kit, Diagnostic Cca 1D54399-1
Harness Assembly 5599901-9
Test Set, Fire Control System 13082808-39
Global Positioning MIS-38946
Collimator Set, Alignment 1354073
Test Set, Fire Control System 6098911
Alignment Set, Fire Control Equip 717751326-019
Shop Equipment, Fire Control Syst 717710001-039
Fixture, Boresight, Portable 13231053
Diopterscope, Single 6390-0142
Diopterscope, Dual C 6390-0150
Collimator Set, Alignment SR-9-RK
Collimator Set, Alignment 74D050031-2703
Test Set, Laser Range Finder 717751093-019
Collimator, Telescope D-652-101

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