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Fire Control Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4931

Specially Designed Test Equipment, Maintenance Fixtures And Stands.
Last Modified: May 24, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Organizational Boresight Kit 2277279-00
Adapter, Torque Knob 10553126
Combination Case 5 Assembly 7923005
Oil Bath, Portable 9732VT-1
Test Set, Fire Control System 2661380
Compensator Phase PC874
Amplifier, Power RF815
Universal Direct Reading Ratio S 603003
Voltage Divider, Decade DV4107C
Converter, Thermal B7842-1
Converter, Thermal 7913198-2
Converter, Thermal B7842-3
Key Galvanometer 7913207
Boresight Assy 326200PC1
Adapter 254771PC1
Combination Case 7 7923007
Deburring Kit 7913158
Parts Kit, Flow Accessories 7913340
Ratio Set, Adjustable LN4398M
Chassis Digital, Test 7913131
Thermoelectric Ice Point RCS1SP
Irradiance Set 921
Vacuum, Measuring Sy 7913459
Thermal Transfer Standard MIS-10554/2
Panel, Meter AN2532-1-A-01-RX-CX-A-D1
Adapter, Calibration KSMMMAP488
Mirror, Autocollimat 13335520
Ignition Simulator 7916123
Holder, Test Lead 2708
Power Generator 7913442
Power Standards Set 7913441
Case, Storage 1562-0430
Prism Assy SK172429
Prism Assy SK172430
Stand, Foot-ring 7910374
Collimator Set, Alignment K222
Clamp 254770PC1
Adapter, Load Cell 7916127
Magnet Assembly, Permanent, Adjust 7913445
Adapter, Coaxial 8801-1
Generator, Sweep-signal 2001SP35
Flow Transfer Kit FT-AFS-4-CF
Deadweight Set 7916118
Adapter Set, Coaxial MIS-10408
Meter, Laser Energy 900003-901
Collimator Set, Alignment 910189-901
Tester, Dynamic 2324850
Test Set, Receiver T 10559600
Safety Shield Assem 7916967
Fitting Kit, Flow Accessories 7913417
Tube, Laser Target 3076HR
Autocollimator, Laser 3970H
Optical Assy, Sight LD631246
Alignment Tool, Kils VA11702
Controller, Pressure MIS-10326
Regulator, Water Pump Nitrogen MIS-10325TYPE1
Regulator, Water Pump Nitrogen MIS-10325TYPE2
Converter, Coaxial Thermal 1394A-0.5
Converter, Coaxial Thermal 1394A-1
Converter, Coaxial Thermal 1394A-2
Converter, Coaxial Thermal 1394A-5
Converter, Coaxial Thermal 1394A-10
Converter, Coaxial Thermal 1394A-20
Fixture, Boresight, Portable 290
Collimator, Telescope 2526-00012
Collimator, Telescope 2526-00013
Collimator, Telescope 2526-00014
Collimator, Telescope 2526-00015
Collimator, Telescope 2526-00016
Modification Kit, Maintenance And 351-0050-00
Flange, Camera 628758-2
Streamer Assembly 10545731
Alignment Set, Fire Control Equip 8636698
Balance Unit, Thermocouple MIS-10233
Director, Dummy SK103739
Boresight 1343517
Test Set Subassembly, Fire Contro 7924891
Transformer Assembly, Isolation 7913215
Power Supply SF613-1
Transition Connecto 347520-5
Transition Connecto 60223G1
Fixture, Micrometer 70567030
Prob Kit 3460-167-101
Calibration Fixture MIS-10258
Adapter, Vibration 11732175
Termination, Sliding 7923205-3
Termination, Sliding 7923205-2
Termination, Sliding 7923205-4
Termination, Sliding 7923205-1
Kelvin Ratio Bridge SP2979
Spider FP8098
Bag, Cotton Duck 10556272
Test Set Subassembly, Fire Contro 10554883
Servo, Elevation 2653986
Servo, Bearing 2653984
Servo, Elevation 2653983
Detector Power Supp 00419-66503
Detector Amplifier 00419-66501
Calibration Set, Secondary 7916171
Kit, Service, Spectrum Analyzer 11592A

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