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Fire Control Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4931

Specially Designed Test Equipment, Maintenance Fixtures And Stands.
Last Modified: Jun 21, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Controller, Pressure Precision MIS-23153
Indicator, Load Cell MIS-23155
Meter, Laser Energy MXU-618/E( )
Adapter, Torque 8599909
Adapter, Test 8599920
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 417790PC1
Test Set, Fire Control System LD481601
Boresight LD412529
Plate 194814PC10
Alignment Device, Optical Gun Bor 11741648-2
Adapter, Test Fixture 7571653
Support, Adjustable, Test Fixture 7680666
Adapter, Test Fixture 7680667
Adapter, Test 7680669
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 7680680
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 7680723
Adapter, Test 7680930
Tool Kit, Instrument SC4931-95CLA02
Tool, Clamp 11727430
Tool Kit, Ballistic SC4931-95CLA03
Tool Kit, Fire Contr SC4931-95CLA04
Tool Kit, Instrument SC4931-95CLA05
Adapter 585899-3
Meter, Frequency Difference FDM2100
Differential Compar 3A7
Pedestal 325391PC1
Stand, Gyro 325513PC1
Fixture 325516PC1
Stand 325519PC1
Fixture 325525PC1
Fixture Assy 325530PC1
Fixture 325535PC1
Calibrator 325549PC1
Frame Supp 100402
Fixture 417780PC1
Test Fi, Ture 417783PC1
Fixture 417835PC1
Fixture 417841PC1
Key, Index 417842PC3
Fixture 481002PC1
Fixture 481004PC1
Fixture Assy 481006PC1
Fixture 481008PC1
Fixture 481012PC1
Fixture 481014PC1
Fixture 481015PC1
Fixture 481016PC1
Fixture 481021PC1
Fixture 481023PC1
Stand 481032PC1
Fixture 481033PC1
Unit, Adapter 481034PC1
Scale 661491
Fixture 684408
Transmitter 687798
Bail, Handling 736038
Kit, Conversion 736040
Adapter 736044
Kit, Adapter 736051
Frame Assy 736053
Fixture 736054
Arm, Balance 736070
Deflector 736071
Fixture 736073
Magnetizer 788786
Bracket Assy, Pointe 788833PC1
Block 194444PC9
Angle A25325
Hub, Flanged 254772PC1
Shaft 254778PC2
Guard And Support A LD256792PC18
Pivot And Plate Ass LD256792GR19
Extractor Assembly LD261493PC63
Boresight SK94866
Boresight SK108039
Boresight LD108052
Quadrant, Gunners SK167918
Test Set Subassembly, Fire Contro SK104540
Recorder, Error SK103976
Adapter B3149
Weight 736052
Unit, Test SK172431
Shifter, Phase 341M01134P001
Adapter, Downstream Flow 11742
Indicator, Flow C50652
Flowmeter, Turbine 31202
Boresight 347411PC1
Mount Assembly, Step B782922-1
Pressure Accessory Kit 7913289
Cover, Shield 7913123
Lubricant, Slidewire 6040-0231
Paper, Roll Chart 9280-0136
Reed Switch 3158-169698
Adapter, Test 011-0052-00
Cleaner, Slidewire 5080-3605
Power Supply 8071-1B
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E W9P1AW9P1B
Shield, Cover 140-19127
Chassis, Transformer 410C1A
Panel, Front 410C2A

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