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Fire Control Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4931

Specially Designed Test Equipment, Maintenance Fixtures And Stands.
Last Modified: Jun 21, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Scale, Range, Computer 8244510
Scale, Range, Computer 8244511
Scale, Range, Computer 8244512
Scale, Range, Computer 8244513
Tool, Test Pick 7578684
Collet, Fixture 7680729
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 8226403
Fixture, Inspection 8228786
Fixture, Inspection 8296144
Dynameter 7661700
Director, Dummy SK411008
Recorder SK411012
Telescope, Collimato SK59148
Calibrator-potentiometer 72-311
Terminal, Grounding 9344C1076-2
Collimator, Telescope 5549108
Board Assembly 00180-66542
Board Assembly, High Voltage 00180-66544
Board Assembly 00180-66546
Board Assembly 00180-66543
Comparator, End Box 8207718
Instrument Test End 8207719
Strap, Support 7652702
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 8296184
Bracket, Periscope, L 01B05988000
Collimator Assembly, Double 7680840
Fixture, Binocular Collimator 7197957
Level, Testing, Peris 41L01220030
Tool And Equipment Kit, Optical I 977B271G01
Fixture, Synchronization 8258659
Panel, Front 00432-0001
Panel, Rear 00432-00022
Deck, Lower 00432-0036
Deck, Upper 00432-0007
Cover, Bottom DMS 89031B
Cover, Top 5060-8549
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 8237444
Fixture, Ipd Test 7661400
Alignment Set, Fire Control Equip 14-76143-1
Tool Set, Maintenance 5800524
Time Base Assembly 08640-60026
Meter Switch, Detector Assembly 08640-60031
Scaler Assembly, Radio Frequency 08640-60038
Level Assembly, Output 08640-60113
Band Switch Assembly 08640-60117
Filter Assembly, Radio Frequency 08640-60021
Coater DV503-FP
Plug-in Extender 10407B
Rod, Spring Centerin SA2067756
Fixture, Pendulum Gi AT279MK7
Fixture Assy 589118PC1
Bracket, Pointer 788833PC2
Fixture, Level, Cross 983061
Kit, Antenna Protrac LD44078
Support, Telescope 132856PC2
Pedestal Adapter, Si 417847PC1
Coupling, Upper 1038867
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 7660243
Sweep Assembly, Delayed 01825-66505
Photo Isolator System 03490-60302
Platform, Tilting 0S030514
Press, Bearing 326003PC1
Weight Set, Test 417796PC1
Scale, Range, Computer 8568045
Paper, Album 53P2310-75
Adapter 8157655
Fixture, Test Aiming Circle 7687113
Adapter, Test 8585203
Adapter, Test 8585204
Fixture, Torque Test, Handle 8585206
Secondary Reference 8205511
Kit, Tool And Equipment, Fire Cont 8205557
Generator, Universal TG1E
Locking Bolt And Ch 11745633
Holder, Test Equipment, Fire Contr 11738862
Case, Test Equipment, Laser Range 10559658
Case, Test Equipment, Laser Range 11738864
Separator, Fluid, Kit 904-9
Separator, Fluid MIS-26326
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 11733200
Short, Fi, Ed DBG960
Termination, Sliding 8579342
Detector, Standing Wave 219
Watch 511010
Volt Sensor 86-812
Volt Sensor 86-811
Cable Assy, Special 2136111
Recorder Kit, Aw 0S027321
Stand, Shipping N St LD282963
Recorder, Error Mk7 1997880
Plate, Adapter 7924356
Rheostat Carbon Block BDE20
Boresight Kit 1381828
Test Set Subassembly, Fire Contro 326030-1
Calibrator, Torque D2350
Tester, Air, Deadweig 8579439
Tool And Equipment Kit, Air Defen 7142860
Enclosure, Environmentally Enclos 7910969
Resolver, Alignment L200005266
Test Set Mk404mod0 L200007743

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