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Fire Control Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4931

Specially Designed Test Equipment, Maintenance Fixtures And Stands.
Last Modified: Jun 21, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Test Set Mk402mod0 L200005378
Test Set Mk403 M0d0 L200-005-262
Fixture, Boresight, Portable 79F890660-1
Shielded Inclosure 7907758
Mixer 7923180
Mixer 7923179
Mixer 7923178
Mixer 7923177
Board Assembly 2075231
Short, Sliding 10519412
Short, Sliding 10519413
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 319
Short, Sliding 315
Mount, Crystal And B 6604
Termination, Coaxial 10519381
Termination, Coaxial 10519382
Board Assembly 2469647
Board Assembly 2469649
Board Assembly PL2469650
Board Assembly 2469671
Control Assembly 2469873
Control 2469920
Amplifier 2469923
Board Assembly 2469340REVG
Board Assembly 2469502REVE
Mechanism Assembly 2469663
Mechanism Assembly 2469664
Board Assembly 2469930
Board Assembly PL2469933
Servo Assembly 2469993
Board Assembly PL2470007
Servo Assembly PL2470022
Board Assembly PL2470029
Amplifier PL2470033
Board Assembly PL2470039
Board Assembly PL2470049
Board Assembly PL2470054
Mechanism Assembly 2516685
Board Assembly 2516669
Temperature Standard Cell 5901
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 7910378
Adapter, Coaxial 354C
Adapter, Coaxial To Waveguide 357
Adapter, Coa, Ial To 365A
Shop Equipment, Fire Control Syst SC4931-95CLA07
Spring Flat 2469793PC1
Clutch Housing 2469885PC1
Tool, Spade Terminal D166368
Dial And Hub 2469360PC1
Servo Mech Assembly 2516629
Servo Mech Assembly 2516630
Servo Mech Assembly 2516633
Servo Mech Assembly 2516682
Encoder 2516702PC1
Shaft 2516923PC1
Shaft 2469807PC1
Shaft 2516923PC2
Test Set Subassembly, Fire Contro 2516923PC3
Shaft 2516923PC4
Fixture, Holding BX719456
Tool, Servo Setting 7607910
Cover 2516715PC1
Cover 2516715PC2
Cover 2516715PC4
Modulator 2516883
Magnet Focusing 7621520
Stand, Mount 7923221
Tuner, Five Screw 7923206-2
Short, Sliding 7923151
Radio Frequency Head Assembly A7006
Radio Frequency Head Assembly K7006
Coupling 2469809PC2
Adapter, Telescope 7651321
Adapter, Test 7651326
Adapter 7651328
Test Set, Fire Control Subsystem 7651332
Adapter, Test 7651338
Clamp Assy 8634285
Coupling 2469809PC1
Coupling 2469809PC3
Clutch 2469904PC1
Pen Assembly 1688683
Marker Assembly 1688747
Paper Recording RA 2964-20
Amplifier Recorder 1716756
Motor Assembly 1714306
Chart Drive 1688653
Transmission Assemb 129404
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 7691596
Collimator, Telescope 7693650
Director, Dummy 1478779
Crystal Mount, Waveguide 6606MF1
Crystal Mount, Waveguide 6605MF1
Crystal Mount, Waveguide 6010
Boresight Mk39m0d1 LD414474
Box, Adapter 7920530
Power Supply 816S10
Receiver, Microwave 915S10
Tuner, Five Screw GR335
Case, Connector Adapter 8644789

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