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Fire Control Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment - FSC 4931

Specially Designed Test Equipment, Maintenance Fixtures And Stands.
Last Modified: May 22, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Autocollimator K221/K10H
Autocollimator Acce 7911242
Set, Standards 7912070
Voltage Divider, Dc KVD4
Shop Equipment, Fire Control Syst SC4931-95CLA07M
Padx P0M2310
Couplerx 797D
Isolator, Coaxial C20PS
Plug 7910420-4
Adapter, Test 7912362
Vacuum Pump 7912361
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 8575736
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 8270621
Voltmeter, Ditital 7912606
Director, Dummy 2481285
Coupler 642A
Fixture, Telescope Testing, Fire C 10527438
Shop Equipment, Fire Control Syst SC4931-95CLA09
Fixture, Test Drive Ballistic 8565537
Test Set, Fire Control System 437701
Calibration, Measure 7910590
Test Panel 4135-5001G1
Test Panel 4135-5002G1
Test Panel 4135-5003G1
Test Panel 4135-5016G1
Test Panel 4135-5015G1
Test Panel 4135-5014G1
Test Panel 4135-5013G1
Test Panel 4135-5012G1
Test Panel 4135-5011G1
Test Panel 4135-5010G1
Test Panel 4135-5009G1
Test Panel 4135-5008G1
Test Panel 4135-5007G1
Test Panel 4135-5006G1REVC
Test Panel 4135-5005G1
Test Panel 4135-5004G1REVD
Test Panel 4135-5017G1
Test Panel 4135-5018G1
Test Panel 4135-5019G1
Test Panel 4135-5020G1
Test Panel 4135-5021G1
Test Panel 4135-5022G1
Test Panel 4135-5023G1
Test Panel 4135-5024G1
Test Panel 4135-5025G1
Test Panel 4135-5026G1
Test Panel 4135-5027G1
Test Panel 4135-5028G1
Test Panel 4135-5029G1
Test Panel 4135-5030G1
Test Panel 4135-5031G1
Test Panel 4135-5032G1
Test Panel 4135-5033G1
Test Panel 4135-5034G1
Test Panel 4135-5035G1
Test Panel 4135-5037G1
Test Panel 4135-5038G1
Test Panel 4135-5041G1
Test Panel 4135-5044G1
Test Panel 4135-5046G1
Adapter, Box 7911431
Adapter, Box 7911432
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 7910423
Case Set, Combinatio 7921050
Kelvin Clip Assembl 7910524
Amplifier, Dual-trac 7911441-2
Panel, Test L523002672
Adapter Cable 7910606
Adapter 7921037
Adapter, Test Gage 7921026
Force Fixture 7910616
Pully 7911302
Converter Frequency 7910648
Timer Interval Unit 7910824
Support, Telescope 1185404
Offset Attachment 1201440
Stand, Telescope 1356981
Adapter, Test 8213475
Calibration Set Pre 7910260
Adapter, Torque 8213492
Pad, Mounting 7912358
Programmer 329078-1
Chassis Assembly 4130-5001G1
Projector 4119-5002G1
Spring Assembly 4119-1057P1
Condensor 632577-170
Socket 632577-111
Control 4120-1001G1
Converter 4122-1001P1
Generator 4123-1001P1
Counter 4125-1001P1
Generator 4131-5001G1
Test Set Subassembly, Fire Contro 2076215
Adapter, Test 8213490
Clamp 7912269
Analyzer, Distortion C41-334A
Collimator, Telescope D600
Adapter, Muzzle, 20 M 10545525
Boresight Kit Assembly 10545540

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