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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stripper, Wire, Hand 103S
Shears, Tabbing 8184
Chisel Set, Cold, Hand GGG-C-313
Filer, Piston Ring MIL-F-14292
Holder, Chuck 192
Jaw Bolt Cutter 311NE
Jaw Bolt Cutter 310NE
Punch And Die Set, Knockout GGG-P-836
Reamer Set, Hand GGG-R-180
Reamer, Hand GH375
Reamer, Hand GH437
Reamer Set, Hand 41R2313-50
Reamer Set, Hand GGG-R-180
Reamer Set, Hand 41R2314-975
Reamer Set, Hand 09080
Blade, Knife GGG-K-00450
Blade, Knife GGG-K-450 TY1CL2ST2
Die 8067409
Wire Stripper 45-098
Reamer, Cylinder Ridge 8035738
Reamer, Hand 8064804
Reamer 8070959
Reamer 8069999
Graver Set, Turning And Pivoting 25-838
Scraper, Pressure Chamber A4955-50
Blade, Knife S9400-921557 PC1
File, Hand
Drill, Post, Hand 95
File, Thread Restorer TF1124B
File, Hand GGG-F-325 TY1CL1
Knife, Pocket 1550-5
File, Hand 81-141000
File, Hand KS2663L1
Blade, Scraper 63SFG1PC25
Die, Dimpling, Snap R 4G200
Reamer, Hand QB70015-2
Reamer, Pointer 404X84
Cutter, Spark Plug I 806861
Reamer, Hand 923245
Reamer, Hand PWA2017-3
Reamer, Hand PWA2869
Reamer, Bushing, Han0 PWA538
Lance, Steam NY420-517PC1792
Reseating Tool B3139612
Cutter, Pipe, Hydraulic ACC3
Blade, Cutter, Hand 8477-750146-1
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated AIW6700
Reamer, Cylinder Ridge WR25
Removal Tool, Indica 4S94468-101A
File, Hand 14162
Reamer, Cylinder Ridge 9B3086
Cutter, Drum Deheader 5110-00-426-9664
Cutting Wheel, Tube Cutter GGG-C-771
Die, Dimpling 4G100F2
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated 216-01863-1
Nippers, End Cutting RV24RC
Reamer PWA318
Scraper PWA3277-13
Reamer, Hand TAM3574-57
Reamer, Hand TAM3574-60
Reamer, Hand TAM3574-9
Reamer, Hand TAM3575-8
Reamer, Fuel Filter 6797729
Reamer, Fuel Filter 6797728
Reamer, Fuel Filter 6797727
Blade, Reamer 99-38 COOPER/XCELITE
Reamer, Hand 99-39
Collar 803979
Reamer 923242
Reamer 923243
Tool, Electrode Cutt 11-1118
Cutting Wheel, Tube Cutter 75046
Blade, Safety Knife BLADE
Chisel, Channel 201-3002
Cutter Prop Governo PWA2681
Chisel Set, Firmer PD5110-00-449-6907
Punch Set, Cutting, Double Bow HP7
Punch, Cutting, Gasket HP8
Punch, Cutting, Gasket 742
Punch, Cutting, Gasket 743
Punch, Cutting, Gasket 744
Punch, Cutting, Gasket 745
Punch, Cutting, Gasket 746
Punch, Cutting, Gasket HP20
Reamer Set, Hand GGG-R-180
Scraper Carbon Spoo CS1
Tool, Key Cutting 2122-100
Reamer, Hand TA9694-25
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated 0190CSP
Reamer, Turbine 926411
Coupling Tool 2461-29WPCB4
Stripper, Wire, Hand 5110-00-472-2328
Stripper, Wire, Hand B107.37 TY2CL1
Tool Lapping 480-201PCQ3
Punch And Die Set, Metal Cutting, GGG-P-840
Swaging And Squaring Tool, Flexib T136374-104/T136374-124
Reamer Carbon Steel 7634
Reamer, Hand 6248607
Reamer, Hand 6296138

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