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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 13, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Reamer, Hand 221626
Reamer, Hand 221625
Reamer 7077863
Reamer, Hand T53
Reamer, Hand 6248606
Reamer, Hand 6248605
Reamer, Hand D59695T1
Reamer, Hand 6248330
Refacing Tool, Water 7079716
Refacer 6298895
Refacer 6296135
Scraper, Bearing 7078946
Scraper 7735
Scraper Valve Seat 7077225
Scraper, Spray Booth S-40
Reamer, Hand 6296271
Reamer, Hand 5380697
Punch, Rivet Peening W1365-1
Cutting Wheel, Pipe Cutter 3-4HD
Facer, Fitting Repai PWA18813
Facer, Fitting Repai PWA18810
Facer, Fitting Repai PWA18811
Facer, Fitting Repair PWA18812
Facer, Fitting Repair PWA23444
Punch, Cutting, Knockout 743
Cutter, Hawser, Hand Operated 41-610
Adapter Pin 2S8231
Die-dimpling Female 40B3907-13
Die-dimpling Female 40B3907-14
Die-dimpling Female 40B3907-15
Die, Dimpling 33D902-6
Die-dimpling Female 33D902-1
Die-dimpling Female 33D902-3
Die-dimpling Female 36D1328-1
Shear-bent Handle U 29
Chisel, Cold, Hand 86A 1X4
Handle MLK7101998-41
Blade, Scraper 1936-28
Reamer, Hand 5012216
Saws, Nested C33P
Punch, Dimpling 39D2451-1
Die, Fastener Setting A4701196
Punch, Fastener Setting 1155-23
Riffler Set 35966
Reamer, Hand T24957
File, Thread Restorer TF1127B
Shears, Bent Trimmers GGG-S-278
Reamer, Hand 207-2-0.1250
Reamer, Hand GGG-R-180
File, Hand A-A-2321 TY1
Riffler 31.822
Pin, Wheel, Pipe Cutter PIPECUTTERPIN2
Reamer, Hand 5175579
Axe, Crash 443
Cutter, Boiler Tube 526900
Reamer, Hand 8708142
Reamer, Hand 8708143
Knife, Rescue RN2
Cutter, Keyway C-3600-832
Sharpener, Chisel And Plane 24024
Die, Dimpling, Female 42B8524-12
Knife, Pocket PD5110-00-526-8740
File, Hand GGG-F-331
Chisel, Diamond Point, Hand GGG-C-313 TY2STB
Chisel, Cold, Hand 200
Reamer, Hand 610-0-7/A
Reamer, Hand 610-0-8/A
Punch And Die Set, Knockout GGG-P-836
File, Hand GGG-F-325 TY18CL3
File, Hand GGG-F-325 TY7STD
File, Hand 5110-00-529-3452
Gouge, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY2CL1STB
Gouge, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY2CL1STB
Trimming Tool, Edge Cutting 126 1-2
Gouge, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY2CL1STA
Cutter, Pipe 32850
Gouge, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY2CL1STA
Knife, Pocket 2533
Blades, Knife 4N0TCHBLADE
Knife, Craftsman's GG-K-508 TY1STB
Saw, Hand, Crosscut S-1
Punch, Cutting, Double Bow 01072
Reamer, Hand J-8814
Plane, Jack GGG-P-436
Plane, Jointer GGG-P-436
File, Hand GGG-F-325 TY1CL2
File, Hand GGG-F-325 TY1CL2
Punch, Cutting, Double Bow GGG-P-833
Punch, Cutting, Double Bow GGG-P-833
Punch, Cutting, Double Bow GGG-P-833
Punch, Cutting, Single Bow GGG-P-833
File, Hand GGG-F-331
Reamer, Hand 256557-18
Reamer, Hand 256557-20
Punch And Die, Knockout 5110-00-540-6212
Die Set, Metal Stamping, Hand GGG-D-280

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