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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 08, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Scraper, Bearing GGG-S-113
Scraper, Bearing 5110-00-596-9371
Reamer, Hand GGG-R-180
Punch, Cutting, Revolving Head 5110-00-596-9604
Shears, Bent Trimmers GGG-S-278
Stripper, Cable, Hand 7197766
Deburring Tool Kit 500
Rod, Pressure Gun Cl 7415
Reamer, Hand GGG-R-180
Scraper 2337
Blade, Gasket Cutter FIG3
Cutter Wheel And Pi 4BCUTTERANDPIN
Pin, Pipe Cutter 5999
Cutter Wheel And Pi 2WCUTTERANDPIN
Cutter Wheel And Pi 3WCUTTERANDPIN
Jaws, Bolt Cutter NE0JAWS
Jaws, Bolt Cutter NE1JAWS
Jaws, Bolt Cutter NE2JAWS
Jaws, Bolt Cutter NE4JAWS
Cutting Wheel, Pipe Cutter 2HD
File, Ignition, Hand 2470
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting D224-4-1/2C
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 9-45660
File, Hand 09469
Brace, Bit, Ratchet GGG-B-671 TY1STBGR2CL2
Cutting Wheel, Pipe Cutter GGG-C-771
Tool Kit, Hose Cover Stripping FT1214-12
Punch F2050T57-2
File, Hand 3213
Shear 7900677700
Reamer, Hand 266370-2
Refacing Tool, Male 1C2664
Reamer, Hand 53C20381-12470
Die Set, Metal Stamping, Hand GGG-D-280
Cutting Wheel, Tube Cutter 32633
Chisel, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY1CL4STA
Chisel, Firmer 305
Chisel, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY1CL4STA OR C
Chisel, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY1CL4STA OR C
Chisel, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY1CL4STA
Chisel, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY1CL4STAORC
Gouge, Firmer GGG-C-311 TY2CL1STA
Frame, Hand Hacksaw GGG-F-671
Plane, Fore 12-906
Cutting Wheel, Glass 11345
Cutter, Angle, Hand Operated GGG-C-735 CL1
Riffler Set, Handled B2117
Cutter, Collar, Fastener 42-10
Cutter, Collar, Fastener 105-12
Blade, Knife 2159612
Blade, Knife 19
Blade, Knife X24
Punch And Die, Knockout GGG-P-836
Dieset, Curved Face SAX
Die Set, Metal Stamping, Hand SNX
Die Set Curve Face RSAX
Die Set Flat Face M TX1906T
Reamer Hand 7065758
Chisel, Cold, Hand
Chisel, Cold, Hand 1286875
Cutter, Valve Seat H 262944
Reamer, Hand 7079864
Reamer, Hand 7082197
Reamer, Hand 7083456
Cutter, Fly 7083505
Reamer, Hand 7083696
Reamer, Hand 7083697
Reamer, Hand 7083698
Reamer, Hand 7083699
File, Hand AT6779H
Cutter, Pipe, Hydraulic 3890-12
Nibbling Tool, Sheet Metal, Hand 5110-00-719-6061
Ax, Single Bit 5110-00-720-0711
Blade, Keyhole Saw
Machete, Rigid Handle C-14-806
Punch, Cutting, Double Bow 3427A12
Punch, Cutting, Double Bow 149-2-1/4
Riffler MS15683-3
Reamer, Hand 610-0-2/A
Reamer, Hand C38565
Reamer, Hand C38566
Knife, Pocket 772
File, Thread Restorer 7228211
File, Thread Restorer 7228212
Scraper, Shave Hook MS16640-3
File, Hand 40663
Reamer, Hand 7305886
Saw Knife, Shovel As 60C90302
Blade, Knife 23
Scraper, Carbon 7355872
Cutter, Pipe REEDCATN04-1
Scissors, Ladies' GGG-S-278 TY2CL2
Die, Dimpling 4-G200F-1
Cutoff Tool, Form An 6806230
Reamer, Hand 926190
Reamer, Hand 926189
Cutter, Solder Removal 659627
Punch And Die, Knockout GGG-P-836
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 66B410
Cutter, Circle 5110-00-764-5222

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