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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Reamer PWA2766-9
Reamer, Hand PWA2969-2
Reamer, Hand PWA638-3
Reamer PWA798
Reamer, Hand TAM1994
Reamer, Hand TAM3574-12
Reamer, Hand TAM3574-14
Reamer, Hand TAM3574-21
Reamer, Hand TAM3574-23
Reamer, Hand 13824-T3
Reamer, Hand HSP1397
Cutter, Tube D12531-001
Cutter, Tube D9852
Blade, Hand Hacksaw RS1214-5
Reamer, Hand 4S90148-101A
Blade, Knife 53B7130
Reamer, Hand TLD9020-17
Reamer, Hand TLD2050ARH2-12
Stripper, Wire, Hand C 5734 233 V
Blade Assembly, Cutting And Skinn 503919
Sharpener, Cork Borer C8285
Cutting Wheel, Tube Cutter AE5066069
Blade Set, Wire Stripper L5210
Blade Set, Wire Stripper L-5436
Blade Set, Wire Stripper VG95236T16AA009
Nippers, End Cutting B107.11
Cutter, Tube D9872
Riffler Set, Silversmiths 84-76400
Cutter, Steel Strapping 6A218
Die, Dimpling 48757-1
Die, Dimpling 48858-1
Die, Dimpling 48861-1
Die, Dimpling 69066
Cutter Assembly, Bea 12A12051-1
Stripper, Wire, Hand 91557033
Stripper, Wire, Hand NN031
Blade, Cable Cutter H3281
Knife, Craftsman's 10-199
Reamer, Hand TLD 7310 R-2-05
Reamer, Hand TLD 7310 R-2-4
Reamer, Hand TLD 7310 R-4-05
Reamer, Hand TLD 7310 R-4-3
Reamer, Hand TLD 7310 R-4-4
Reamer, Hand TLD 7310 R-4-5
Reamer, Hand TLD 7310 R-4-7
Reamer, Hand TLD 7311 R-2-05
Reamer, Hand TLD 7311 R-2-4
Reamer, Hand TLD 7311 R-4-05
Reamer, Hand TLD 7311 R-4-3
Reamer, Hand TLD 7311 R-4-4
Reamer, Hand TLD 7311 R-4-6
Reamer, Hand TLD 7311 R-4-7
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-186
Stripper, Wire, Hand 757878
Stem, Deburring Tool, Tube D9851-13-06
Blade Set, Wire Stripper 45-1610-1
Blade Set, Wire Stripper VG95236T16BA003
Reamer, Cleaning Tool 2473032-1
Punch, Cutting, Rectangular LTCT6210
Cutting And Skinning Tool Attach 515655
Reducing Tool, Tube Wall Y3384
Reducing Tool, Tube Wall Y3385
Trimming Tool, Gimbal Enclosure 275E579G1
Cutter, Keyway 47C3576
Reamer, Hand PWA1272
Blade, Hand Hacksaw GGG-B-451 TY1GRACL1
Drill, Breast GGG-D-651
Saw, Hand, Crosscut GGG-S-65
Saw, Hand, Crosscut NS1502
Saw, Hand, Crosscut GGG-S-65
Saw, Crosscut, Two Man GGG-S-64
Saw, Dovetail 25
Saw, Keyhole P1059
Saw, Hand, Rip 5110-00-142-5015
Stripper, Cable, Hand 5110-00-142-5170
Cutter, Belt, Hand C62520
Reamer, Hand TAM1911
Reamer, Hand TAM2114
Punch, Riveting, Impe 801650
Cutter Assembly, Inl PWA251-24
Holder, Cutter, Super 803034
Reamer, Hand, Governo 83663
Stripper, Wire, Hand 5110-00-145-8171
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-125
Shears, Electricians 34F780
Riffler GGG-F-331 TY20CL1
Riffler GGG-F-331 TY20CL3
Riffler 36000
Riffler 36018
Riffler 36036
Riffler 36054
Riffler 36090
Riffler GGG-F-331 TY20CL11
Riffler 36126
Riffler GGG-F-331 TY20CL15-15
Riffler GGG-F-331 TY20CL18
Diamond File, India FT134
File, Hand 37891
File, Hand

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