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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 14, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Blade, Coping Saw GGG-B-471 TY1CL1
Pin, Rigging 926668-1
Saw, Crosscut, One Man 114SNAP
Cutter PWA16672
Scraper, Valve Seat 66-0062
Scraper, Pressure Ch 66-0047
Punch And Die, Knockout 731 1-2
File, Hand GGG-F-325 TY13CL1
Stripper, Wire, Hand B107.37
Reamer 64812
Reamer 64813
Reamer, Hand 64822
Reamer 64874
Reamer, Valve Guide 64924-1
Reamer, Valve Guide 64924-3
Reamer, Valve Guide 64924-4
Reamer, Hand 3376464
Cutter, Injector Ball Seat ST955
Reaming Fixture, Shaft Bushing 3376903
Knife Set, Craftsman's 83
Reamer, Hand 2550188
Stripper, Cable, Hand TL-688/B
Blade, Knife 28
Scraper, Glass, Razor Blade 106
Saw, Flexible W00DMANSM0DEL
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-097
Ram, Die Assembly ZT187802-1-4
Ram, Die Assembly ZT175202-1-8
Ram, Die Assembly ZT175202-5-32
Ram, Die Assembly ZT175202-3-16
Adapter, Die Assembl ZT1781
Ram, Die Assembly ZT178302
Ram, Die Assembly ZT178702
Ram, Die Assembly ZT179202-1
Ram, Die Assembly ZT185302-1-4
Ram, Die Assembly ZT185302-1-8
Ram, Die Assembly ZT185302-3-32
Ram, Die Assembly ZT186002-5-16-24
Ram, Die Assembly ZT186802-1-4-28
Ram, Die Assembly ZT186802-8
Ram, Die Assembly ZT187802-3-16
Ram, Die Assembly ZT187802-5-16
Ram, Die Assembly ZT185302-3-16
Die, Dimpling ZT1860-5-16-24
Blade, Craftsmans Knife GGG-K-00450
Ram, Die Assembly ZT186802-10
Stripper, Cable, Hand 45-127
Punch Set, Gasket C130
File, Hand 21067
File, Hand 20582
File, Hand 20624
Cutter, Hole, Electric 15 272
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-179
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-121
Cutter, Paper G354524
Drill, Injection Valve YKA4324A
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand 86CG
Stripper, Cable, Hand 1905
Punch Tape 52C1435-3
Punch And Die, Knockout 742BB
Blade, Scraper 016X3-4INX32-11-16IN
Blade, Scraper R-L-HAND
Trimmer, Cable MX-103/U
Stripper, Wire, Hand NN028
Reamer, Rib Repair 116-4064
Punch, Dimpling MM-220-2-L5/8
Stripper, Wire, Hand NN023
Stripper, Wire, Hand B107.37
Cutter, Ribbon Cable 95
Die, Dimpling MM-210-3-L5/8
Cutter, Tube 127-FA
Cutter, Combustion Chamber Bracke PWA52897
Reamer, Chamber Brackets PWA52896
Cutter, Finish, Chamber Igniter PWA53312
Stripper, Wire, Hand GGG-S-665 TY2CL2STA
Punch, Dimpling MM-220-3-L5/8
Die, Dimpling MM-210-2-L5/8
Blade, Gasket Cutter FIG3A
File, Hand A-A-2321
Blade, Knife 5110-01-023-0421
Punch, Dimple Gun ZT2055-1/8
Pull Bar ZT2052 1-8
Die Set, Metal Stamping, Hand GA238
Reamer, Hand 11578743
Knife, Craftsman's X-3602
Die, Dimpling ZT2053-1-8
Cutter, Pipe GGG-C-771
Punch, Cutting 10005
Cutter, Hollow AT493A1
Cutter, Number Five 9432M64P06
Die Set, Metal Stamping, Hand GA237
Cutter, Pipe 8605-061
Cutter, Pipe 8605-031
Punch And Die Set, Knockout B62592980
Cutting Wheel, Tube Cutter 75015
Stripper, Wire, Hand NN021
Scraper, Paint 908816-1
Punch And Die, Knockout 123AV
Cutter, Number Two 9432M64P03
Cutter, Number One 9432M64P02

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