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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 08, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cutter, Number Four 9432M64
Knife, Tape, Drywall 84389 05352
Knife, Tape, Drywall 84389 05348
Stripper, Wire, Hand ST-100-26-875
Stripper, Wire, Hand ST-100-2830
Cutter, Number Six 9432M64P13
Cutter, Cable-wire, Hand 45-123
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-1758
Stripper, Cable, Hand KTJ17
Blade, Cutter, Wire Rope 135
Reamer, Hand PWA53326
Broach, Insert Assembly 9432M64GO1
File, Hand GGG-F-331
File, Hand A-A-2430
File, Hand GGG-F-331
Knife, Pocket K22
Scissors, Embroidery 112B060
Frame, Hand Hacksaw GGG-F-671
Stripper, Wire, Hand 100-X
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated PWA53731
Stripper, Cable, Hand CX-1-KIT
Pliers 17108
Blade, Knife X611
File, Thread Restorer 63480
Tool, Blower Cleaner UH15252
File Guide, Clamp Chain Saw G106
Stripper, Wire, Hand NN034
Stripper, Wire, Hand 118-815
Stripper, Wire, Hand 9082
Cutter Assembly PWA37831
Reamer, Hand TA5061
Reamer 1252-25
Tool, Rail Splicing 12524001-1
Broaching Tool Machinist Hand PWA30456
Reamer, Hand J-22525-3
Cutting Wheel, Tube Cutter 33185
Handle, Deburring Cutter H100
Chisel, Bull Point, Hand 01 378 H7
Stripper, Wire, Hand ABMK1
Reamer, Hand 12254220
Blade, Wire Stripper L-7625
Knife, Pocket 1550-4
Chisel, Cold, Hand C-162-357-3
Punch, Single Bow OB 11-64
File, Hand GGG-F-331
File, Hand 00024
Die Set, Metal Stamping, Hand F1-040-047-125
Doweling Jig 59
Blade, Wire Stripper VG95236T16AA011
Knife, Pocket 1550-2
Blade, Knife 11-961
Cutter, Special, Boron Repair A51S62286-33
Cutter, Special, Boron Repair A51S62286-35
Cutter, Special, Boron Repair A51S62286-37
Die, Dimpling PWA53898
Cutting Wheel, Tube Cutter 33190
Stripper, Wire, Hand 118-808
Stripper, Wire, Hand NN054
Reamer 6106-1
Punch And Die, Knockout 901SSR2
Punch And Die, Knockout 901SSR1 15-16
Punch And Die, Knockout 901SSR1 9-16
Cutter, Special, Boron Repair A51S62286-29
Cutter, Special, Boron Repair A51S62286-31
Cutter, Special, Boron Repair A51S62286-27
Broach, Cutter 9430M79P03
Cutting Wheel, Pipe Cutter F-514
Broach, Cutter 9430M79P04
Knife, Craftsman's 1560-3
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting MS54-3
Cutter, Tube 103
Knife, Craftsman's
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated UP-B41
Blade, Scraper HS8693
Scraper, Roofer's 583500
Reamer X7744967
Blade, Knife 611
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-173
Tool Front Assembly MRN56252A4
Tool Front Assembly MRN56252A5
Tool, Special 916E513114-1
Cutter Kit, Honeycom HCC-16024
Blade Set, Wire Stripper VG95236T16BA007
Blade Set, Wire Stripper VG95236T16AA012
Blade Set, Wire Stripper VG95236T16BA005
Reamer 69618
Die, Crimping Wire T 48859-1
Valve Seat Reamer 69602
Handle Valve Seat Reamer 69604
Nippers, End Cutting 209
Punch, Dimpling ZT1751-1/8
Die, Dimpling ZT1752-1-8
Die, Dimpling ZT1878-5-16
Die, Dimpling ZT1878-1-4
Die, Dimpling ZT1868-8
Die, Dimpling ZT1868-1-4-28
Die, Dimpling ZT1868-10
Die, Dimpling ZT1792-1
Die, Dimpling ZT1752-5-32
Crimper, Locknut 6798927-4

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