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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Reamer, Hand 254
Blade, Wire Stripper L-4994
Punch And Die, Knockout 500-4006-5
Stripper, Cable, Hand SST-500A
Blade, Knife 68B139-5
Blade, Hand Hacksaw 4050A3
Hatchet, Shingling 11558
File, Hand 74-C55110
Marker, Butt 14-374
File, Hand 5110-01-115-9222
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand S-1126A
Shears, Bent Trimmers S-60
Chisel, Cold, Hand C-16
Stripper, Wire, Hand 808210-1
Hatchet, Broad H-74
Cutter, Bearing Hold 8041741
Cutter, Bearing Hold 8041762
Cutter, Paper CB18
Marker, Butt 14-375
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand M-3R
Cutter, Tube D12532-001
Reamer, Hand PWA55420
Reamer, Hand PWA55402
File, Hand 6-76117-1
Pro-vice 7016-0003
Spreader, Plastic 20390
Shear, Metal Stud And Runner 15 804
Reamer, Tube End 21365
Blade, Knife 8
Cutter, Tube 7S1120
Knife, Scraping M-447
Knife, Craftsman's 8R
Collapsing Tool 21910
Stripper, Wire, Hand 01-0225-3192
Reamer, Hand 8041515
Reamer, Hand 8041506
Cutting And Skinning Tool Attach 515653
Stripper, Wire, Hand 601827-1
Tube Wall, Reducing 20297-0000
Tube, Wall Reducing 202950000
Reducing Tool, Tube Wall 20300-0000
Trimmer, Flat 215270000
Trimmer, Flat 21525-0000
Trimmer, Flat 215330000
Cutter 215620000
Cutter 215630000
Collapsing Tool 219110000
Collapsing Tool 219120000
Cutter, Tube 25010-0004
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting B107.16 TY1CL1
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting CS9336C
Cutter Bit, Boiler Tube Cutter 72936-0001
Cutter 396630000
Cutter 396640000
Cutter 396650000
Cutter 397020000
Cutter 397030000
Cutter, Tube 250050001
Cutter, Tube 25017-0004
Reamer, Hand 23003605
Cutter, Tube 250220001
Stripper, Wire, Hand WSU30M
Reamer, Hand 91240000
Punch And Die Set, Knockout 735BB
Blade, Cutting F2635-5
Deburring Tool, Tube, Inclosed Bla 13221E6827
Handle, Pulaski Tool 5100-355
Cutter, Bolt 0590MC
Reamer, Valve Guide 2479561-1
Handle, Adz 0N502858
Reamer, Hand 91250000
Reamer, Hand 375B999-052CA
Reamer, Hand 375B506-020B
Reamer, Hand 375B506-024B
Cutter, Circle 8222830
Reamer, Hand ST1188
Retaning Ring Plier P-107
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 1100-0202
Reamer, Hand GTPROD-A
Reamer, Hand GTPROD-B
Reamer, Hand GTPROD-C
Reamer, Hand GTPROD-D
Reamer, Hand GTPROD-E
Reamer, Hand GTPROD-F
Notcher, Cable, Hand 3557
Stripper, Cable, Hand 3540
Cutter, Seal 8142913
Reamer, Hand 110C214-091C
Cutter, Tube And Pipe End 39663
Die Set, Termination 731380-1
Stripper, Cable, Hand KTJ113
Saw, Crosscut, One Man GGG-S-64 TY1STB
Cutter, Tube 227FA
Punch Assy, Cutting 2622425
Cutter, Pipe GGG-C-771
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 48726
Cutting Wheel, Pipe Cutter E-1032-S
Stripper, Wire, Hand 525654
Filter Cutting 5P1747
Reamer, Hand 216L09996-101

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