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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 07, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Reamer Set, Hand 5731929
Punch And Die Set, Knockout 744
Blade, Scraper 1222-152
Reamer, Hand 91-4006-9
Reamer, Hand 91-4006-5
Reamer, Hand 91-4006-7
Reamer, Hand 91-4006-11
Reamer, Hand 91-4006-23
Reamer, Hand 91-4006-27
Reamer, Hand 91-4006-29
Stem, Deburring Tool, Tube D9851-13-07
Tool, Sub, Assembly D9851-14
Cutter, Tube D12530-001
Tool, Sub-assembly D9849-15
Cutting Wheel, Tube Cutter D12532-109
Cutting Wheel, Tube Cutter D12531-109
Deburring Tool, Conical DB-18
Ax, Single Bit 97-512243-1
Shaft Pilot, Sungear Bushing Ream J-28489-1
Reamer Set, Bushing J-28489-2
Bushing, Pilot Body J-28489-4
Cutter Assembly, Manifold 8222923
Staking Tool, Roller RST2116
Staking Tool, Roller RST2119
Staking Tool, Roller RST1013
Cutter, Tube 91125
Press, Dimpling S3S13006000
Cutter, Pipe 44-S
Cutter, Pipe 42-A
Knife Set, Craftsman's 7055A11
Cutter, Thrust Surface 3375053
Knife, Scraping CSA12
Knife, Pocket GA198
Mandrel, Gasket Cutting Punch PGH8-1
Reamer Set, Bushing J29613
Stripper, Wire, Hand 450694
Riffler Set, Silversmiths 84-76450
Miter Box And Saw ME25-39475-3001
Reamer Set, Hand 26950
Deburring Tool Kit 60317
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting D275-5
Shears, Pinking 4H
Stand, Papercutter 6-1-7531-12
Bit, Wire Wrapping Tool WB26M
Bit, Wire Wrapping Tool 125B139
Bit, Wire Wrapping Tool 125B143
Sleeve, Wire Wrapping Tool Q125B159
File, Hand GGG-F-331
Reamer, Hand RE2001
Handle, File 18975
Bit, Wire Wrapping Tool 125B141
File Set, Hand HBM40L
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated T-500
Blade, Cutter PWA55366-7
Stripper, Wire, Hand 1406425
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated 63041
Stripper, Wire, Hand 525655
Punch And Die, Metal Cutting, Hand 8324282
Saw, Hand, Metal Cutting HS12
Knife, Pocket 355
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 95CG
Die, Metal Stamping, Hand GGG-D-280 TY2
Punch And Die, Knockout SDP-700
Pliers 330 SEB
Blade, Knife 48780
Knife, Craftsman's 48769
Reamer, Hand 14958-003
Blade, Hand Hacksaw HSBM1218B
Handle, File GA403
Handle, File 11
Adapter Assy, Torque Wrench 313130-000
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting MIL-P-19290
Knife, Electrician 155D6
Blade, Scraper S-27S
Reamer, Hand 003 0452
Guide Assembly Saw 090-115437
Reamer, Hand 003 0652
Cutter, Wire Rope, Hand Operated 1178M
Knife, Craftsman's 3816A11
Reamer, Hand 91-4006-25
Stripper, Wire, Hand 525650
Tool, Cleanup 163C8918P1
Cutter, Bolt 0290FC
Stripper, Wire, Hand 525652
Reamer, Hand B-996-037
Sharpener, General P SSA8
Blade, Cable Strippe 45-1927-1
Blade, Cable Strippe 45-1928-1
Blade, Cable Strippe 45-1929-1
Chisel, Cold, Hand 404-55-1-10 PIECE 1896
Knife, Scraping 3645A2
Footpiece, Deburring ZT339012
Heating Pedestal 85C7094-1
Reamer, Angle Y2931
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 722698-233
Blade, Knife 11-941
Knife, Craftsman's X3001
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated 63060
Knife, Craftsman's 10-300
C-washer Tool 2219C99-2

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