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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Punch And Die, Knockout 6097019
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand 58049
Reamer, Hand SPT10-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT11-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT7-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT8-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT9-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT12-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT13-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT14-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT15-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT16-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT17-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT18-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT19-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT2-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT20-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT3-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT4-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT5-74D110174-5001TD
Reamer, Hand SPT6-74D110174-5001TD
Blade Set, Cable Stripper 49CSD00002667
Cutter, Bracket 625-1233-001
Link, Cutter 625-1240-002
Link, Cutter 625-1240-001
Scraper, Bearing 4550-03975-312
Stripper, Cable, Hand R-720,4 MIL
Deburring Tool, Tube, Exposed Blad 6768
Rod, Cutter Short Wi 624-9592-001
Cap, Cutter 624-9600-001
Cutter, Tube 624-9599-001
Punch, Cutting, Double Bow GGG-P-833
Scraper, Bearing 4550-06339-312
Die, Metal Stamping, Hand LDNC
File Set, Hand KFS-6
Hatchet, Half 59-140
Deburring Tool, Tube, Exposed Blad D10210-02
Stripper, Wire, Bench 74B
Cutter, Wire Rope, Hand Operated WMC-1250
Saw, Jab 1203
Cutter, Tube 174-F
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 111CG
Reamer, Hand 1213D1597FIND21
Knife, Scraping 10-194
Knife, Pocket 5069
Shears, Bent Trimmers WR-10E-4
Shears, Straight Trimmers WR-10E-4LHCUT
Stripper, Cable, Hand 7141K1
Handle, Knife Blade 12598170
Stripper, Wire, Hand 606W1000
Shears, Straight Trimmers PD5110-01-278-4823
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand B107.16M TY2CL2
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand B107.16M TY2CL3
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket S44
Cutter, Bolt A-A-3047 CL2
Spot Facer, Hand PWA26608
Spot Facer, Hand PWA18819
Deburring Tool, Tube, Exposed Blad T-539
Handtool, Wire 3430-1000
Cutting Guide 3507
Cutter, Rivet 3103
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated 3382
Deburring Tool T-538
Saw, Trim T-510
Die, Dimpling AT207A-8-P
Cutter, Panel 3109
Cutter, Rivet PWA57377
Saw, Back HSL3
Cutter, Tube 152
Wire Dress Guide B112197
Distorter Set, Wear Sleeve 5P7318
Reamer, Hand 5P7331
Reamer, Hand 5P7332
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting E711WR
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT2978-3-16
Punch, Dimpling ZT186302-6
Punch, Dimpling ZT3855-3/16
Punch, Dimpling ZT3855-3/32
Punch, Dimpling ZT3855-1/8
Punch, Dimpling ZT3867-1/4-28
Punch, Dimpling ZT3867-10
Punch, Dimpling ZT3867-8
Punch, Dimpling ZT3877-3/16
Die, Dimpling ZT3868-1-4-28
Die, Dimpling ZT3878-3-16
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1748-1-4
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1748-10
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1748-8
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1791-3-4
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1855-1-4
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1855-1-8
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1855-3-16
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1867-8
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1877-1-4
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1877-1-8
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT1877-5-32
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT2912-1-8
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT2912-3-16
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT2912-5-32
Punch And Die, Knockout ZT2947-10

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