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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Chisel, Cape, Hand B107.410
Knife, Pocket YA113A
Stripper, Wire, Hand PWC6
Stripper, Wire, Hand PWC7
Stripper-crimper, Wire, Hand PWC9
Stripper, Cable, Hand PWC23
Stripper, Cable, Hand PWC32
Stripper, Cable, Hand PWC31
Stripper, Cable, Hand PWC33
File, Hand 6R
File, Hand 8R
File, Hand 10R
File, Hand 12R
File, Hand 4MA
File, Hand 8MA
File, Hand 10MA
File, Hand 1213D1597F1ND106
File, Hand 16MA
File, Hand 6HR
File, Hand 8HR
File, Hand 10HR
File, Hand 12HR
File, Hand 10FMK
File, Hand 8CT
File, Hand 10CT
File, Hand 12CT
File, Hand 14V7
File, Hand 14V
File, Hand 14V12
File Set, Hand HBFNN120A
Nippers, End Cutting PLEC7
Scissors, Folding YA114
Shears, Bent Trimmers KER235
Adaptor, Dollie 27-5-3
Punch And Die Set D SMPD 212-4264
Punch And Die Set SMPD 212-4263
Die, Dimpling SMPD-212-4265
Die, Dimpling SMPD-212-4266
Blade, Knife 12-WB
Reamer, Hand 679.040.1
Reamer, Hand 8930403-01
Reamer, Hand 8930402-01
File, Hand 31.059
File, Hand 31.604
File, Hand 32.319
Die, Dimpling 48860-1
Punch, Dimpling ZT1865-1/4-28
Die, Dimpling ZT1863-3/16-24
File, Hand 73-27600
File, Hand 73-14600 SIMONDS
File, Hand 73-50350
File, Hand 73-39700
File, Hand 73-39950
File, Hand 73-40300
File Set, Hand 83-52200
File, Hand 73-23450 SIMONDS
File, Hand 73-23500
File, Hand 73-23600
Nippers, End Cutting B107.11 TY4STA
Nippers, End Cutting B107.11 TY4STA
Nippers, End Cutting 358 CHANNELLOCK
Scissors, Electricians' 175-E
Scissors, Electricians' 175-E5
Shears, Bent Trimmers 20W
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand 23-100C
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand 23-102C
Reamer, Hand 6V4089
Die Set, Metal Stamping, Hand GGG-D-280
Saw, Hand, Metal Cutting MF1237
Chisel, Cold, Hand 101
Chisel, Cold, Hand 103
Chisel, Cape, Hand 404
Chisel, Cape, Hand 405
Chisel, Cape, Hand 406
Chisel, Butt, Woodworking 30-03
Chisel, Butt, Woodworking 30-05
Chisel, Butt, Woodworking 30-06
Knife, Craftsman's 9111
Stripper, Wire, Hand 118-807
Knife, Fiber Optics CL05
Scissors, Fiber Opti 301
Lap 2EX1N716
Lap 1EX1932
Pliers 500X359
Cassette, Wire Stripper 48958
Reamer Set, Hand 900K500-009C
Rasp, Hand B-2006-009
Punch, Dimpling 65720-35044-041
Pliers 8142
Stripper, Wire, Bench 7012-0002
Stripper, Optical Fiber, Hand NN305
Blade Set, Cable Stripper 45-1609-1
Knife, Stripper Wire 169277
Butt Marker 14-373
Pliers 166SEB
Pliers 171SEB
Stripper, Wire, Hand 413SEB
Pliers 155SEB
Reamer, Hand J28460
Cutter, Glass CIRCLE MATE I

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