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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 04, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Handle, File SGHF614BR
Handle, File SGHF615BR
Handle, File SGHF616BR
Handle, File SGHF617BR
Cutter, Tube 101
Cutter, Paper 5019287-026
Jaws, Bolt Cutter 0313A
Jaws, Bolt Cutter 0113NE
Jaws, Bolt Cutter 0213NE
File, Hand 6CR
Blade Set, Wire Stripper L-5560
Blade Set, Wire Stripper L-5562
Blade Set, Cable Stripper L-9226
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-170
Blade Set, Cable Stripper L-7486
Blade Set, Wire Stripper L-5563
Blade Set, Wire Stripper 45-1924-1
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-1925
Blade Set, Wire Stripper 45-1654-1
Blade Set, Wire Stripper VG95236T16AA002
Handle, File HF613
Jaws, Bolt Cutter 0113A
Jaws, Bolt Cutter 0313NE
Cutter, Seat, Special 845-6766197
Stripper, Optical Fiber, Hand 105 514 764
Slotting Tool, Commutator, Hand 20-009
Slotting Tool, Commutator, Hand 20-007
Slotting Tool, Commutator, Hand 20-012
Slotting Tool, Commutator, Hand 20-008
Slotting Tool, Commutator, Hand 20-013
File, Hand 952834
Knife, Craftsman's 44200
Cutter, Circle 002303
Cutter, Circle 03400
Cutter, Wire Rope, Hand Operated 211048793
Cutter, Wire Rope, Hand Operated 211058120L1
Die Block Clea 7734
Die Block 361037
Axe 08-34-027
Scraper, Bearing 21667
Stripper, Wire, Hand 45-175
Cutter, Tube 89232665
Blade, Knife XC8124
Blade, Knife X411
Knife, Pocket 06151
Knife, Pocket LST BLACK DROP
Tool Kit, Multipurpose Pliers 07510G
Knife, Pocket 06149
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket A100C
Knife, Pocket BLACK GULCH
Knife, Pocket BLACK GULCH II
Cutter, Tube 89232595
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated C-7
Scissors, Pocket 384
Knife, Pocket 1415
Knife, Pocket 1410
Knife, Pocket 1410ST
Knife, Pocket 1421ST
Knife, Pocket 1420
Knife, Pocket 1060ACT
Knife, Pocket 1420ST
Knife, Pocket 1415ST
Blade, Wire Stripper 990341
Knife, Craftsman's JACK THE RIPPER KNIFE
Splitting Tool, Bushing, Hand C901884
Can Closing Tool C02004C063
Reamer, Hand 12901130
Reamer, Hand 12901131
Cutter, Tube 10
Scraper, Glass, Razor Blade WSC2
Cutter, Circle PWA81374
Pliers 60309-000
Blade, Wire Stripper 990340
Blade, Wire Stripper 990342
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket 50002G
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket 50003G
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket 07550G
Blade, Replacement 08012901
Knife, Pocket 06069
Die, Fastener Assembly S7928
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 1100-0206
Stud Chuck, Pull-the S7921
Socket Chuck, Pull-t S7926
Handle, File WFH7
Handle, File WFH6
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 728G
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 437G
Handle, File WFH4
Handle, File WFH5
Cutter, Circle 5B
Stripper, Wire, Hand 118-052
Splitting Tool, Bushing, Hand C902013
Swaging And Squaring Tool, Flexib 3376085
Saw, Compass 80195
Blade, Knife 33668/32914
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated 900200
Stripper-crimper, Wire, Hand WSC200A
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated 727

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