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Hand Tools, Edged, Nonpowered - FSC 5110

Chisels; Files; Pipe Cutters; Rasps; Saws; Screw Plates; Axes; Hatchets; Machetes.
Last Modified: Aug 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stripper-crimper, Wire, Hand 540 WILDE
Knife, Scraping 01340 HYDE
Stripper-crimper, Wire, Hand 71
Saw, Hand, Metal Cutting 43065
Reamer, Hand 13003
Knife, Folding, Combat APPLEGATE
Knife, Craftsman's 0-10-150
File, Hand 13130800
Scraper, Bearing 4291A14
Knife, Craftsman's 70895A65
Blade, Knife 70895A66
Trimming Tool, Edge Cutting M90100
Knife, Craftsman's GA169
Handle, File HF614BL
Handle, File SGHF615AG
Handle, File SGHF616AG
Stripper, Wire, Hand PWC16A
Pliers EPC600
Pliers PWC20
Stripper-crimper, Wire, Hand PWC12A
File, Hand HB5
Knife, Pocket YA821A
Knife, Pocket LB5
Reamer, Hand R120
Knife, Pocket LB7
Reamer, Hand R121
Brush, File Cleaning 21458
Brush, File Cleaning 21467
File, Hand BF193
Knife, Craftsman's TE03-990 TECHNI EDGE
Stripper, Wire, Thermal CN 403/4C
Stripper, Wire, Thermal 4B-HOTWEEZER
Stripper, Cable, Hand CN 201/2A
Stripper, Wire, Hand 1101
Blade, Wire Stripper 2131
Knife, Pocket RIVER SHORTY
Reamer, Hand LIST659 7/0
Reamer, Hand 24271
Reamer, Hand 24272
Block, Power Distribution 11725-3
Blade, Knife 42117
Pliers D203-8N-INS
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated 585-6404634-17
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting INPHLDC8
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting 387BCPCT
Pliers 12211-INS
Pliers B107.20
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting D2000-28-INS
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand YA236
Stripper, Wire, Hand B107.37
Cutter, Cable, Hand Operated 63050-INS
Pliers, Diagonal Cutting P7D
Cleaving Tool, Optical Fiber, Hand 504064-1
Tool, Fiber Stripping TBS900
Punch And Die, Metal Cutting, Hand 153-SZ8 1/4
Stripper, Wire, Hand T315
Stripper, Wire, Hand T303
Stripper, Wire, Hand T305
Stripper, Wire, Hand T306
Stripper, Wire, Hand T308
Stripper, Wire, Hand T307
Cutter, Tube 104
Cutter Bit, Plane 845-6766197-11A
Cutter Bit, Plane 845-6766197-11
Cutter Bit, Plane 845-6766197-12
Stripper, Wire, Hand 5011 DK26
Stripper, Wire, Hand 5011 DK14
Stripper, Wire, Hand 5011 DK20
Cutter, Tube 5-8692
Cutter Bit, Plane 845-6766197-29-300
Cutter Bit, Plane 845-6766197-27-300
Shears, Metal Cutting, Hand PWC45
Reamer Set, Hand PWA56747
Knife, Cutting HAPPY HOOKER
Saw, Hand, Crosscut SS169
Die, Fastener Assembly S7900
Die, Fastener Assembly S7920
Socket Chuck S7910
Stud Shuck S7890
Knife, Pocket 2525
Knife, Craftsman's E-Z KUTTER - 666052A
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket 360
Knife, Pocket 550SHG
Stripper, Wire, Hand 990343
Reamer, Hand GGG-B-180TY13GRB
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket 07542
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket SIDECLIP
Punch And Die, Knockout 730BB-2-1/2
Knife, Pocket 550SBKHG
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket 3566-1 KUTMASTER
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket 3565-1 KUTMASTER
Deburring Tool, Tube, Exposed Blad UK2000
Blade, Scraper PWA71709
Blade, Scraper PWA71710
Chisel, Cape, Hand GGGC313TY1STASZ0.375
Chisel, Cape, Hand GGGC313TYISTYLASZ1/4
Trimming Tool, Edge Cutting 46944
Multi-tool, Folding, Pocket 830037
Chisel, Cold, Hand 86A 3/16

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