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Hand Tools, Nonedged, Nonpowered - FSC 5120

Hammers; Picks; Pliers, Except Pliers For Cutting Only; Screwdrivers; Shovels; Construction Rakes, Forks And Hoes; Jacks, Including Contractors' Jacks; Wrecking Bars; Glue Pots; Blowtorches.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Adapter, Torque Wrench 3173-504
Adapter, Torque Wrench 3292000F120
Inserter, Seal 3831000F130
Installing Tool, Shaft 3831000F126
Remover, Preformed Packing 3831000F145
Remover, Preformed Packing 3831000F144
Socket, Wrench, Face Spanner 3831000F110
Socket, Wrench, Face Spanner 3831000F105-1
Socket, Wrench, Face Spanner 3831000F104
Socket, Wrench, Face Spanner 3831000F103
Pusher Tool, Vent Valve 21C6090G01
Restraint Tool, Shroud 21C6086G01
Socket, Wrench, Face Spanner 3831000F106
Inserter And Remover, Bearing And 289666-1
Inserter, Bearing And Bushing 289665-1
Wrench, Spanner 289657-1
Adjusting Tool, Probe 3292000F125-1
Wrench, Torque AS28431 TY1CL2
Socket, Wrench, Face Spanner 3292000F118-1
Adapter, Torque Wrench SWE7065-101
Adapter, Torque Wrench SWE7065-105
Wrench, Spanner 3831000F113
Wrench, Torque CH150F
Adapter Tool, Valve Test 289866-1
Extractor, Sleeve 3167-501
Extractor, Sleeve 3167-503
Staking Tool, Piston Retainer 69854T200
Flaring Tool, Tierod Nut PWA50746
Puller, Mechanical PWA50704
Wrench, Spanner PWA50699
Wrench, Retaining Nut PWA50961
Inserter, Bearing And Bushing PWA50962
Inserter, Bearing And Bushing PWA50960
Inserter And Remover, Bearing And PWA50967
Expander, Tubing ME1-125-35
Expander, Tubing ME2-150-2849
Wrench, Spanner PWA50982
Wrench, Retaining Nut PWA50985
Wrench, Spanner PWA50987
Adapter Set, Torque BB41-101
Inserter, Bearing And Bushing 8035583
Removal Tool, Pump BC65
Alignment Tool BC66
Installation Tool, F HR8603-8
Wrench, Spanner BC61
Puller, Circuit Card 89-555389-1
Button, Deburring Tool D9849-12
Button, Deburring Tool D9849-01
Wrench Set, Socket 14-76038-1
Seating Tool, Bearing Outer Race PWA50656
Seating Tool, Bearing Package PWA50657
Puller, Mechanical PWA50658
Drift, Shaft Liner PWA50660
Driftpin PWA50661
Inserter And Remover, Bearing And PWA50664
Removal Tool, Drive Shaft Baffle PWA50666
Flaring Tool, Seat PWA26523
Wrench, Adjustable PWA50588
Seating Tool, Lug Bu PWA50514
Seating Tool, Shaft Bearing PWA50448
Crimping Tool, Cup Washer PWA50513
Wrench, Spanner KT119330
Retainer Assy, Swage D10003-18-24
Adapter, Locator D10050-2
Pusher, Gearbox Bra PWA50669
Puller, Mechanical WA50668
Wrench, Gearbox Bearing Retaining PWA50686
Disassembly Tool, Gearbox Bearing PWA50685
Aligning Tool, Rotating Members PWA50683
Wrench, Bearing Nut PWA50682
Aligning Tool, Rotating Members PWA50687
Remover, Bearing And Bushing PWA50681
Aligning Tool, Rotating Members PWA50680
Crimping Tool, Terminal, Hand 69355
Wrench Set, Torque KIT3
Installation Tool, Shaft Assembly 6PT90340
Disassembly Tool, Seal Housing PWA12103
Disassembly Tool, Idler Stub-gear PWA50426
Driftpin PWA50690
Aligning Tool, Rotating Members PWA50692
Remover, Bearing And Bushing PWA50693
Wrench, Gearbox Outer Race Retain PWA50696
Remover, Bearing And Bushing PWA50698
Crimping Tool, Terminal, Hand MH800K127
Wrench, Drain Plug 2586982
Wrench, Spanner F2662-2-34
Wrench Set, Bimetal 3300612-5201
Wrench, Wedge Retaining Ring 3300616-5201
Wrench, Special 3300628-5201
Driftpin 3300636-5201
Inserter, Bearing And Bushing PWA6621
Tang, Wrench Assembly 65700-10096-104
Installation Tool 166-1000-01
Wrench, Special 268623
Wrench, Bearing Can Nut 5T4-8778
Expander 6797386
Wrench, Oil Screen 6797385
Puller 6797346
Puller 6797345
Expander 6797320

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