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Hand Tools, Power Driven - FSC 5130

Drills; Riveters; Portable Electric Saws; Pneumatic Tools; Abrasive Wheels, Cones, And Other Abrasive Attachments For Use Only On Hand Held Power Tools.
Last Modified: Aug 15, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Die, Crimping Tool 15512
Die, Crimping Tool 15506
Die, Crimping Tool 15611
Arm, Stroke Sander 11304
Puller, Hydraulic PWA57266
Die, Crimping Tool 15526
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic CP-0214-FALEL
Puller, Hydraulic 145G0012-1
Head, Offset, Blind R RV875-3
Head, Offset, Blind R RV875-4
Head, Offset, Blind R RV875-5
Head, Offset, Blind R RV875-6
Trigger, Drill GVV 04371
Bit, Wire Wrapping Tool WB26SM
Sleeve, Wire Wrapping Tool P26LN
Saw, Circular, Portable, Electric 13221E6701
Die, Crimping Tool 15510
Kit, Versatility 40321
Wrench, Impact, Pneumatic A900C-A
Wrench, Impact, Pneumatic A450-A
Drill, Electric, Portable N61772
Spool, Cable Carrier A8
Cable, Drain Cleaner C-10
Cutter, Pipe Cleanin T-107
Cutter, Pipe Cleanin T-108
Nutsetter, Air Rotar 3RDXL-950
Cable Kit And Tools A-62
Puller, Hydraulic MB-30
Cylinder, Plunger 28V
Chisel, Nonturn 3114
Chisel, Ripter 3105
Socket, Socket Wrench GGG-W-660 TY1CL1STA
Hammer, Rotary, Electric, Portable 11209
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AT104A-1/4 AN470
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AT107B-1
Chisel, Power Hammer T1815
Socket, Socket Wrench 24-256
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable MODEL-1000
Puller, Hydraulic PWA57336
Puller, Hydraulic PWA57347
Drill-driver, Electric, Portable DC727KA
Blade, Auger 9023-8
Adapter, Impact Wren 5082
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable CP-9108-22000
Nut Runner And Screwdriver, Pneum 3RLM2D5
Dimpling Machine, Po MIL-D-4725 TY2
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 450/2000RD1
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AT105A-1-4AN470
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AT107B-4
Grinder, Manhole Seat, Pneumatic 709600-P
Riveter, Jam, Pneumatic PWA55159
Socket, Socket Wrench SP140
Socket, Socket Wrench P-414
Socket, Socket Wrench SP240
Bit, Screwdriver 71891
Socket, Socket Wrench SW-412
Socket, Socket Wrench SP320A
Riveter, Jam, Pneumatic PWA57346
Adapter, Socket Wrench DAA7232G011-001
Puller, Hydraulic PWA57337
Cutter Bit, Boiler Tube Cutter 39701
Nut Runner And Screwdriver, Elect 4000
Socket Set, Socket Wrench 320SIMYLM
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic CP-0351-FUDEL
Grinder, Pneumatic Horizontal 856A4055G02
Wrench, Impact, Pneumatic IM5112
Puller, Hydraulic 9S-8900
Cross Head, Mechanical Puller 24544
Spall Stop Assembly 45/S4
Puller 8M-9011
Sleeve 7F5285
Die Assembly, Blind ZT2058 1-4
Tacker MU-212-F/64
Pad, Abrasive Disk Holder 917
Tensioning Tool OKBH-72
Cable Preparation M T-595
Saw, Circular, Portable, Electric 1850H
Spreader, Hydraulic, Portable 362R117
Brush, Wire, Boiler Tube 8302-0014
Puller, Hydraulic PWA57530
Puller, Hydraulic PWA57604
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable 4500VA
Bit, Wire Wrapping Tool KB3032
Bit, Wire Wrapping Tool KB2444
Grinder, Pneumatic, Horizontal CP-3360-PABSYG
Wheel, Abrasive 412
Socket, Socket Wrench 12549707
Brush, Wire, Rotary End ES-1/2-020
Bender, Electrical Conduit, Therma 74-067
Drum, Sanding 407
Wheel, Abrasive 420-6599
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable 10L2082C-01
Socket, Socket Wrench IM763
Grinder Group 6V4198
Puller, Hydraulic 6V3170
Riveter, Nut Assembly PWA34703
Socket Set, Socket Wrench 411
Wrench, Impact, Pneumatic 2934B9
Puller, Hydraulic 3C3881G01
Puller, Hydraulic 6V113

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