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Hand Tools, Power Driven - FSC 5130

Drills; Riveters; Portable Electric Saws; Pneumatic Tools; Abrasive Wheels, Cones, And Other Abrasive Attachments For Use Only On Hand Held Power Tools.
Last Modified: Sep 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Nibbler, Pneumatic, Portable AT180
Wheel, Abrasive B74.2 AND B74.13
Wheel, Abrasive A80-G-BF SHAPE W216 1/4 IN. SHNK
Wheel, Abrasive B74.2 AND B74.13
Honing Unit, Cylindrical Bore, Por 8491575
Hammer, Pneumatic, Portable 5957A16
Chisel, Power Hammer C-8
Blade, Reciprocating Saw 40115
Puller, Hydraulic 23034310
Sander, Angle, Pneumatic 3417-SALABUN
Holder, Sanding Disc SM1-TA4
Wire Wrapping Tool 990570
Socket, Socket Wrench SPFM11
Socket, Socket Wrench SPFM12
Socket, Socket Wrench SPFM13
Socket, Socket Wrench SPFM14
Socket, Socket Wrench SPFM15
Socket, Socket Wrench SPFM16
Socket, Socket Wrench SPFM17
Socket, Socket Wrench SPFM18
Wrench, Impact, Pneumatic 2934P2
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable ZT813
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic P073243
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic 99-1048-2
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic 99-905-2
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic A2503
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic LH-223
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic A206-375
Wrench, Impact, Pneumatic 2934B2
Gun, Rivet Pin 113-213
Wrench, Impact, Pneumatic
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable TD200RG4
Brush, Wire, Rotary End 82863
Bit, Screwdriver 27469
Brush, Wire, Rotary End USB100-1
Brush, Wire, Rotary End 82861
Grinder, Pneumatic, Vertical 88V85P107M
Nosepiece 16216
Nosepiece 17635
Nosepiece 17598
Nosepiece 16547
Jaw 18407
Cutter, Scaling Attachment, Power 636
Wrapping, Tool Wire 27650AD3
Grinder, Disk, Electric, Portable 9-27723
Nut Runner And Screwdriver, Pneum 8RSP53
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool ST-104708-B-3 1/2
Cutter, Fabric, Portable, Electric 160G
Pad, Backing, Sander 1021
Torque Tool, Hydraulic C17EMBTK
Barrel Assembly, Needle Scaler 861735-9
Grinder, Pneumatic, Horizontal CP860
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable CP9288R
Bracket Assy, Sealan 226750
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable ZT802
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable 10R0414-43
Jaws, Pulling Head, Riveter 615B40-4
Jaws, Pulling Head, Riveter 615B40-5
Pulling Head, Rivete H749-8
Extension, Socket Wrench 593398
Shot Peen Tool-fiel BT1271
Cutter Bit, Plane 426-0098
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic 21C676G001
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable 8446-B5-V
Socket, Socket Wrench 593404
Brush, Wire, Rotary Cup 8348-0112
Honing Unit, Cylindrical Bore, Por 6713A21
Bit, Wire Wrapping Tool WB2870M
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable DAQ-5
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable DAQ-6
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable DAQ-6DE
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable DAQ-3600
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable DC
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable 9600
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable 9600DE
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable 36-GLFS
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable 4121-GLS
Robodrill 1002
Brush, Wire, Rotary End 85397 SPECIAL ITEM
Extension, Socket Wrench EX-508-5
Brush Machine, Under HB29301
Sander, Disk, Pneumatic, Portable 8446-B6K-V
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable G1H250RG4
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable DG100G2
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable 330SC-4
Hammer, Pneumatic, Portable AVC10A1
Hammer, Pneumatic, Portable AVC12A1
Nut Runner And Screwdriver, Pneum 7RAMC1
Nut Runner And Screwdriver, Pneum 3RLO2S5
Nut Runner And Screwdriver, Pneum 9RSN53
Nut Runner And Screwdriver, Pneum SG052B-10-Q
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 3AL1
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable E01P-009
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable QP151D
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable QP051D
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 6AS3
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 5LK1B1
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 6LK2A41
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable DG022B-26-A
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable GSE 51 01117

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