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Hand Tools, Power Driven - FSC 5130

Drills; Riveters; Portable Electric Saws; Pneumatic Tools; Abrasive Wheels, Cones, And Other Abrasive Attachments For Use Only On Hand Held Power Tools.
Last Modified: Aug 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 21D-106-38
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 21D-503-38
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 31AR-623-45
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 31AR-624-45
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 31D-107-51
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 15CSL93-53
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 15L2280-32
Handle, Surface Cleaning Tool 615.02.00 VON ARX
Flail, Surface Cleaning Tool 615.01.04 VON ARX
Vacuum Connection, Surface Cleani 615.04.01 VON ARX
Burr, Rotary VWB206B
Burr, Rotary VWB204
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable CA120RG4M
Burr, Rotary VWB203B
Burr, Rotary VWB202B
Burr, Rotary VWB201B
Burr, Rotary VWB205B
Brush, Wire, Rotary Wheel 615.05.02 VON ARX
Brush, Wire, Rotary Wheel 615.05.03 VON ARX
Duplicator, Strap TPMM250-3 SIZE 21
Duplicator, Strap TPMM350-2 SIZE 30
Nut Runner And Screwdriver, Elect 2350-01
Crimping Head, Hydraulic 13642M
Puller 1C3824P5
Etcher, Electric 36.860
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 1440
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 1442
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 1443
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 1460
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 1462
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 1464
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic US114C
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic US114TA-3
Riveter, Yoke, Pneumatic US151A-7
Grinder, Electric, Portable 328 SER.1-09
Etcher, Electric 290
Brush, Wire, Rotary Wheel 29013
Blade, Hole Saw 528
Cutter, Propellant Actuated 6206920
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool SM210
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool 3M955K-5N-9
Nose Assembly, Faste 99-2743
Adapter, Anvil 100536
Sander, Oscillating Pad, Pneumatic AT475A
Brush, Wire, Rotary End 30143
Brush, Wire, Rotary End 43613
Bit, Screwdriver SDM621A
Pad, Backing, Sander 116
Sander, Oscillating Pad, Pneumatic 1000A-2
Drilling Machine 74D110313-1001
Valve, Sealant Gun 220850
Wheel, Peening, Rotary Flap TC330-1X2IN
Bit, Screwdriver SDM320A
Honing Unit, Cylindrical Bore, Por GBD5-1/2IN-120SC
Riveter, Blind, Pneumatic G746A
Crimping Tool, Pneumatic WT1300
Crimping Tool, Pneumatic MS23002-02
Crimping Tool, Pneumatic MS23002-04
Crimping Tool, Pneumatic MS23002-4
Crimping Tool, Pneumatic MS23002-6
Crimping Tool, Pneumatic MS23002-1
Crimping Tool, Pneumatic MS23002-2
Crimping Tool, Pneumatic MS23002-03
Wrench, Torque, Pneumatic PT-2
Saw, Circular, Portable, Pneumatic S120G4
Tapper, Pneumatic, Portable 7RAQT4
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22A-4
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22A-6
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22A-8
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22C-4
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22C-5
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22C-6
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22C-8
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22H-3
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22H-5
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22H-8
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22S-16
Rivet Set, Pneumatic Tool AV1-22S-20
Pad, Polishing And Rubbing W-5500
Pad, Polishing And Rubbing W-8000
Drill, Pneumatic, Portable 4500-SD2-8198-9201-6177
Crimping Tool, Pneum MS25441-5
Drill, Hydraulic, Portable DL08150
Swaging Tool, Wire Rope Sleeve, Pn LOCOLOC 1-P
Bit, Screwdriver 491-C
Grinder, Pneumatic, Horizontal CA200RS4ML
Polisher, Pneumatic, Portable AT450P
Pad, Backing, Sander 46862
Grinder, Die, Pneumatic, Portable CD350RG4MC
Honing Unit, Cylindrical Bore, Por 91718963
Honing Unit, Cylindrical Bore, Por 91714893
Honing Unit, Cylindrical Bore, Por 91718964
Bit, Screwdriver E3208X
Bit, Screwdriver E3200X
Wrench, Impact, Pneumatic CP-772H
Extension, Socket Wrench EX-376-9
Guide, Router, Hand Held 8946861-01
Guide, Router, Hand Held 8946861-03
Guide, Router, Hand Held 8946861-05
Guide, Router, Hand Held 8946861-11

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