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Measuring Tools, Craftsmen's - FSC 5210

Calipers; Levels; Micrometers; Plumb Bobs; Precision Tapes; Squares; Angle Gages; Center Gages; Depth Gages; Draw Gages; Drill Point Gages; Fillet And Radius Gages; Glaziers' Gages; Height Gages (vernier); Planer Gages; Rivet Selector Gages; Saw Tooth Set Gages; Screw Pitch Gages; Surface Gages; Telescoping Gages; Thickness Gages; Tube Bead Gages; Tube Flare Gages; Twist Drill Gages; Twist Drill And Rod Gages; Twist Drill And Tap Gages; Taper-wire-thickness Gages; Wire Gages; Tool Setting Planer And Shaper Gages; Gage Blocks.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gage Block Set SCAA
Gage Block Set SPECIAL
Gage, Thickness 7327474
Blade, Thickness Gage 667-001
Gage, Swage Fitting D12-9892-12
Indicator, Dial D3WBK473PT233SM147
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 9419M36P07
Indicator, Dial 9419M36P11
Indicator, Dial 9419M60P05
Indicator, Dial 1C6202P07
Indicator, Dial 1C6202P13
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 9419M67P22
Point, Indicator, Dial 9419M67P90
Ball, Measuring CL3SCB
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume PT227
Indicator, Dial B2I
Setmaster, Length Gage X67-11-184-7
Setmaster, Length Gage X67-11-184-8
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume PT119
Guide, Gage Set 1C6214P12
Guide, Gage Set 1C6214P13
Indicator, Dial E3WBK5PT233SM147
Point, Contact, Gage 1C6239P12
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 1C6294P05
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 1C6299P20
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 1C6302P05
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 9418M30P11
Gage, Inspection D9892-6
Indicator, Dial 9419M73P06
Gage, Depth, Dial Indicating 67-11-189
Guide, Housing And Nozzle Assembl 67-12-155-6
Guide, Housing And Nozzle Assembl 67-12-155-12
Gage, Thickness SCB729947-1
Indicator, Dial 9418M30P15
Indicator, Dial 9419M24P04
Indicator, Dial B6KBK1660PT233SM147
Indicator, Dial 9419M67P89
Indicator, Dial 39-4638-170
Indicator, Dial 1C6203P09
Plumb Bob GGG-P-501
Gage, Thickness 637931
Gage, Inch 96352
Gage, Gap Setting 2200057
Gage, Gap Setting 310430
Indicator, Dial 9419M68P102
Caliper, Vernier 505-628
Indicator, Dial 9210865
Gage 810086
Gage, Depth, Dial Indicating PWA7357-13
Indicator, Dial 41-831-101
Indicator, Dial 655-3041POST
Gage, Crankshaft Spa 808932
Gage 809195
Protractor, Mechanics, Bevel 599-496-6
Gage, Depth, Rule 940
Level, Bench 9986517
Plumb Bob GGG-P-501 TY1SZ18OZ
Indicator, Dial 656-617
Gage, Cylinder 2CR835
Gage Set, Feeler T-100624
Block, Space 8-Z-2520 PC1
Alignment Bar 807493
Optical Flat Set GG0635
Optical Flat
Optical Flat
Optical Flat
Gage Block Set L0000362006
Gage, Gap Setting 28
Gage Block Set RC28LM
Gage Block Set 194-005930
Protractor Assembly 65700-10051-047
Blade, Thickness Gage TT06-25
Blade, Thickness Gage GGG-G-17 TY8CL4STA
Gage, Height GGG-C-111
Gage Block 541-1120-002
Gage, Cylinder 5
Caliper, Lead Bender 176-001
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 6121
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside CE-6041
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside CM6061
Tape, Measuring, Replacement GGGT106
Caliper, Inside GGG-C-95
Wire Set, Measuring PWA15346
Tape, Measuring 5210-00-054-1011
Gage, Wire 453523
Gage, Indicating, Internal 2550539
Protractor Assy 215-00285-1
Gage, Thickness GGG-G-17 TY8CL1STD
Gage, Depth, Micrometer GGG-C-105
Indicator, Dial 725A
Wire Set, Measuring PWA15347
Caliper, Inside GGG-C-95
Gage, Taper 267
Level, Cylindrical, Circular Vial 8783233
Protractor, Mechanics, Plain HS7478
Protractor, Mechanics, Plain HS9194
Indicator, Dial D81T
Indicator, Dial 81-136
Indicator, Dial 6798467-2
Indicator, Dial 599-7743

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