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Measuring Tools, Craftsmen's - FSC 5210

Calipers; Levels; Micrometers; Plumb Bobs; Precision Tapes; Squares; Angle Gages; Center Gages; Depth Gages; Draw Gages; Drill Point Gages; Fillet And Radius Gages; Glaziers' Gages; Height Gages (vernier); Planer Gages; Rivet Selector Gages; Saw Tooth Set Gages; Screw Pitch Gages; Surface Gages; Telescoping Gages; Thickness Gages; Tube Bead Gages; Tube Flare Gages; Twist Drill Gages; Twist Drill And Rod Gages; Twist Drill And Tap Gages; Taper-wire-thickness Gages; Wire Gages; Tool Setting Planer And Shaper Gages; Gage Blocks.
Last Modified: Jul 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gage, Thickness 000D
Vial, Level 9055385
Gage, Angle B3301
Indicator, Dial 6798430
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside U1308
Indicator, Dial E8IU
Caliper, Gear Tooth, Vernier PWA22338
Gage, Piston Ring Groove ST560
Square, Combination 516-3075-001
Level, Cylindrical, Circular Vial 067661-0001
Gage, Depth, Dial Indicating 02320-707-1
Gage, Cannon Bore Erosion 2537766
Gage, Level Wind Setting BL&T&17400&50F
Gage, Dial, Indicator LDAR-6
Tool, Measuring 60517ST1
Gage, Angle 9192
Protractor, Mechanics, Plain 502AS2681
Gage, Fastener Protrusion 2-1522
Gage, Indicating, Internal 10,285-2
Gage, Height 2500
Gage, Thickness, Dial Indicating 21C4326G01
Gage, Indicating, Internal PWA37502
Gage Block 599-5854
Gage, Fuel Injection 8S7167
Gage, Feeler 0103190-AT-3
Gage, Marking 153C6298G1
Gage, Pin 077-68322-11
Gage Block 599-760
Protractor, Mechanics, Plain F70110-500
Gage, Wear 421585-1
Gage Block MR&105
Gage, Depth, Dial Indicating 500P&1
Gage Block 2501
Caliper Set, Micrometer, Inside I-1536
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 599-608-4320-1
Gage Block U6597
Gage, Gap Setting PWA52886
Gage, Servovalve 61700-65055-041
Gage, Height Hub 7601729-00
Gage, Compression Dr 7601730-00
Gage, Vertical Align 3172477-00
Gage, Bearing, Bar 5029594-00
Indicator, Dial 2495148-00
Caliper, Dial 8586A11
Gage, Cylinder 6
Gage, Cylinder B1-12104
Vial, Level 11729650
Gage, Indicating, Internal L1-24101
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 440-3RL
Indicator, Dial 25-131
Gage, Height 252-14
Caliper, Outside GGG-C-95
Belt Tension Checker CAT998PG52
Holder, Thickness Gage FB312
Micrometer Head 5929D
Tape, Conduit Measuring 435
Dispenser, Conduit Measuring Tape 434
Gage, Cylinder B1-12105
Gage, Cylinder B1-12106
Gage, Contour 422461-1
Fixture, Gaging U4539
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 724L
Gage, Depth J-24924
Gage, Pto Housing Installation J-24926-01
Indicator, Dial 25-611P
Weight, Simulator Assembly 11508653
Gage, Cylinder B1-12100
Gage, Cylinder B1-12101
Gage, Cylinder B1-12103
Gage, Thickness 14B409
Indicator, Dial 599-7748
Indicator, Dial 599-7032-3
Gage, Weld Fillet 2
Indicator, Dial 25-243
Protractor Assembly 215-00186-27
Protractor Assembly 215-00116-26
Gage, Cylinder B1-12102
Gage, Marking D10145-3
Gage, Marking D10145-5
Gage, Marking D10145-4
Gage, Marking D10145-6
Gage, Marking D10145-8
Gage, Marking D10145-10
Gage, Marking D10145-12
Gage, Marking D10145-16
Head, Micrometer 148-501
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 2C9139G08
Adapter-stem, Dial Indicator 2552355
Gage, Angle PWA52986
Gage, Angle PWA52990
Gage, Angle PWA52992
Gage, Height 316-18258
Gage, Height 316-18260
Protractor, Mechanics, Plain GS14030-1
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside GGG-C-105 TY1CL1STA
Adapter, Stem, Dial Indicator 2552344
Adapter-stem, Dial Indicator 2552345
Adapter-stem, Dial Indicator 2552348
Adapter-stem, Dial Indicator 2552354
Adapter, Stem, Dial Indicator 2552356

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