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Measuring Tools, Craftsmen's - FSC 5210

Calipers; Levels; Micrometers; Plumb Bobs; Precision Tapes; Squares; Angle Gages; Center Gages; Depth Gages; Draw Gages; Drill Point Gages; Fillet And Radius Gages; Glaziers' Gages; Height Gages (vernier); Planer Gages; Rivet Selector Gages; Saw Tooth Set Gages; Screw Pitch Gages; Surface Gages; Telescoping Gages; Thickness Gages; Tube Bead Gages; Tube Flare Gages; Twist Drill Gages; Twist Drill And Rod Gages; Twist Drill And Tap Gages; Taper-wire-thickness Gages; Wire Gages; Tool Setting Planer And Shaper Gages; Gage Blocks.
Last Modified: Jul 07, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tape, Measuring YA154A
Tape, Measuring YA155A
Gage, Thickness FB325A
Gage, Thickness FB319
Gage, Screw Pitch TD1040
Indicator, Dial CM201
Level And Plumb TL100A
Chalk Line And Reel 64310
Plumb Bob 11908
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 54-914-458
Extension, Dial-scale WT-112168-5
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 12-0246-04
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 12-0256-04
Level, Bench SMPR2
Rule, Machinist's 24-0504-00
Rule, Machinist's 24-0021-00
Rule, Machinist's 24-0007-00
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 12-0510-04
Square 1C5208P32
Gage, Thickness SPB1/SPR1/SPG1
Caliper, Inside 35.096
Square, T JTS48HD
Square, Carpenter's CS2
Square, Carpenter's RAS1 JOHNSON LEVEL
Rule, Machinist's 7202
Level And Plumb 524
Level, Cross Test 125 JOHNSON LEVEL
Caliper Set, Micrometer, Outside 193-925
Plumb Bob 3
Tape, Measuring 3100C
Gage, Twist Drill And Tap 25-0016-00
Gage, Wire 25-0014-00
Caliper, Indicator, Outside 1C2515P26
Gage, Depth, Rule 16A11816-1
Foot 1C2760-98P4
Gage, Measuring 9300-881-01
Gage, Measuring 9300-882
Level, Electronic A10-1B
Caliper, Indicator, Inside 20-570-8
Gage, Indicating, Internal 84Z-111-4J
Indicator, Dial 645A5Z
Chalk Line And Reel 8050
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 52-255-025
Gage, Depth, Dial Indicating 100-104-7373
Gage, Gap Setting 276-295
Gage, Tension 9300-A846-01
Gage, Alignment 9300-918
Vial, Inclinometer 601-300-637
Head, Micrometer 13-0283-00
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 11B203BJ
Gage Block Set HD84.A1
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 13231451-2
Gage, Depth, Dial Indicating 9081052
Protractor, Mechanics, Bevel S6170-40001-041
Gage Block Set SS88.A1
Indicator, Dial E15008
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 183B-100
Indicator, Dial 162
Gage, Depth, Rule 4032023P2
Caliper Set, Micrometer, Outside CM6154
Gage, Cannon Bore Erosion 12520695
Indicator, Dial 4227
Gage, Piston Ring Groove 5P3519
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume AL-19
Gage, Gap Setting M678-15
Rule, Caliper 3.9100-35
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 1.9419-A
Extension, Indicator 1.9470-2
Tester HT250-1
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 3S3270
Gage Block D-115-2
Gage, Height D-115-1
Gage, Height D-116-1
Gage, Piston Ring Groove 8331113
Gage, Piston Ring Groove 8331043
Adapter, Injector Ra 8357591
Gage, Depth T8-737018
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 152-100
Gage Set, Linkage Gap P90986
Indicator, Dial TYPE657BZ
Gage, Depth, Dial Indicating 75B-1
Indicator, Dial GS19706-1
Gage, Deflection, Dial Indicating S 1.9225
Indicator, Cantilever S 1.9215 B
Gage, Depth T8-738052
Gage, Thickness 25DLPLUS
Gage, Alignment FILE 762
Gage, Alignment FILE 763
Gage, Idler Gear FILE 769
Gage, Stubshaft FILE 770
Gage, Alignment FILE 771
Scale, Travel Indicator 64000
Rule, Machinist's 3C3595P06
Gage, Alignment FILE 761
Protractor, Throttle Warning Horn F70024
Cartridge Head, Measuring 30-292-7
Protractor TA1053A302-19
Blade, Combination Square 18-X
Indicator, Dial 24-401-2

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