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Measuring Tools, Craftsmen's - FSC 5210

Calipers; Levels; Micrometers; Plumb Bobs; Precision Tapes; Squares; Angle Gages; Center Gages; Depth Gages; Draw Gages; Drill Point Gages; Fillet And Radius Gages; Glaziers' Gages; Height Gages (vernier); Planer Gages; Rivet Selector Gages; Saw Tooth Set Gages; Screw Pitch Gages; Surface Gages; Telescoping Gages; Thickness Gages; Tube Bead Gages; Tube Flare Gages; Twist Drill Gages; Twist Drill And Rod Gages; Twist Drill And Tap Gages; Taper-wire-thickness Gages; Wire Gages; Tool Setting Planer And Shaper Gages; Gage Blocks.
Last Modified: Jul 07, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Indicator, Dial 2417
Contact Point, Measuring Instrume 9S0229
Gage, Tape Reel Hub Alignment 2515222
Tape, Measuring 1395AS1529
Blade, Thickness Gage 52882
Gaging Fixture 67432
Gage, Rigging, Fan Thrust Reverser F70275-1
Adapter, Gage 3C3161P09
Adapter, Mechanical Protractor 3C3161P13
Gage Kit 1815365
Level, Cylindrical, Circular Vial 2-24042
Gage, Piston JDG-451
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside T230XFL
Gage, Depth T8-738026
Plumb, Arm 13222E2469
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 6190
Adapter, Micrometer 3661458-1
Adjustment Fixture, Micrometer 21SNO4-CC-24
Indicator, Dial 211
Gage, Preload NU-2141
Rule, Machinist's 13229E1048
Gage, Bearing Profile 203-6295870 PC 8
Gage 5205223
Plumb Bob 20
Indicator Scale, Butterfly Angle 296404-2
Mask, Dial Display 6579623-1
Mask, Dial Display 6579623-2
Gage Block J 33880-20
Rule, Machinist's 3C3125P11
Cover, Dial Indicator 3.9285-B
Indicator, Dial 066-3063-01
Indicator, Dial 066-03084-0001
Indicator, Dial 6V3075
Gage, Angle 7330329
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside PMF154
Gage, Thickness FBM322
Gage, Thickness FB335
Gage, Thickness FB326B
Gage, Thickness FBL325A
Gage, Thickness FB300A
Gage, Thickness FB322
Gage, Thickness FB316B
Gage, Thickness FB310
Gage, Thickness FB307D
Gage, Thickness FB308C
Gage, Thickness FB305A
Gage, Thickness FBM320
Gage Block 150368
Dial Indicator Asse 075001206-000
Tape, Measuring, Replacement OCN1296SF/590
Micrometer E13899-1
Gage, Height 515-510
Gage Block Set SA25A
Gage Block Set 515-116
Gage Block Set 515-117
Gage Block Set 515-118
Gage, Height J 33880-7
Gage Block Set SS88A1X
Ball, Measuring 2327130
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 185000065A01
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 185000066A01
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 185000067A01
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 185000069A01
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 185000093A01
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 185000094A01
Indicator, Dial 185000001A01
Indicator, Dial 1U8869
Gage, Nozzle 185000068A01
Gage, Bore 185000072A01
Gage, Bore 185000073A01
Indicator, Dial 345405012
Gage, Indicating, Internal PWA70682
Gage, Indicating, Internal PWA70683
Level, Cylindrical, Circular Vial 44608
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 733XFLZ-1
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 733XFLZ-2
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 731XFLZ-3
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 731XFLZ-4
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 731XFLZ-5
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 782Z-312
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 65460
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 782Z-500
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 782Z-750
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 782Z-1
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 782Z-138
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 782Z-2
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 782Z-3
Gage, Special 7030559
Tape, Measuring 45958
Tape, Measuring 5206410
Trammel 17G130036
Adapter, Micrometer 3661785-1
Adapter, Micrometer 3661790-1
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 52-222-011
Setting Standard, Screw Thread Mi 43869
Indicator, Dial 152LUA40B
Indicator, Dial 152LUA40C
Indicator, Dial 414VS805-1
Caliper, Slide 3B1310B1

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