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Measuring Tools, Craftsmen's - FSC 5210

Calipers; Levels; Micrometers; Plumb Bobs; Precision Tapes; Squares; Angle Gages; Center Gages; Depth Gages; Draw Gages; Drill Point Gages; Fillet And Radius Gages; Glaziers' Gages; Height Gages (vernier); Planer Gages; Rivet Selector Gages; Saw Tooth Set Gages; Screw Pitch Gages; Surface Gages; Telescoping Gages; Thickness Gages; Tube Bead Gages; Tube Flare Gages; Twist Drill Gages; Twist Drill And Rod Gages; Twist Drill And Tap Gages; Taper-wire-thickness Gages; Wire Gages; Tool Setting Planer And Shaper Gages; Gage Blocks.
Last Modified: Jul 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Dividers, Mechanics' GGGD351TYACL2SZ6
Gage, Indicating, Internal PWA71851
Gage, Indicating, Internal PWA71852
Gage, Indicating, Internal PWA71853
Gage, Indicating, Internal PWA71854
Tool Kit, Blade Tab P0108
Alignment Tool, Brush Block 12979832
Gage, Installation, Brush Block 12979852
Gage, Bolt And Thread A98
Gage, Bolt And Thread M98
Protractor Digital 2475-1
Indicator, Scale 1064-B202A-2
Indicator, Scale 1064-B202C-2
Gage Block Set 13534019
Gage Block Set 13534020
Gage, Indicating, Internal 15002
Grip Gage 105093-K
Indicator, Dial 11453-75
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 6200
Rod, End Measuring, Standard PD42489PCAH/2
Rod, End Measuring, Standard PD42489PCAH/1
Rod, End Measuring, Standard PD42489PCAB/2
Rod, End Measuring, Standard PD42489PCAB/1
Caliper, Dial 9-40185
Dividers, Mechanics' PMF130
Gage, Thickness 400-9077
Gage, Thickness 400-9075
Head, Micrometer DRP-FDM-TAB
Gage, Shim 400-9078
Protractor, Mechanics, Plain 3792377-1
Gage, Height 296265-1
Level Assembly, Elevation 43033-212-00514-1
Gage, Injector Rack J-34080
Gage, Injector Timing J-34192
Caliper, Dial PMF134
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 599-603-146-2
Gage Head, Electronic Gage Amplif 64479
Gage Head, Electronic Gage Amplif 64480
Level, Electronic DC519935810
Indicator, Scale 657MB
Dividers, Mechanics' PMF129
Straightedge PWC32056
Tape, Measuring 2450-0038-001
Caliper, Digital Display PMF132
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside GA1000M
Gage, Depth, Tire Tread GA599
Square, Combination PMF120
Vial, Level 82200
Pull Gage 82205
Level, Plate Mounted DC608935940
Tape, Measuring 70-10122
Gage, Depth, Micrometer ASC1590388
Gage, Indicating, Internal PWA71857
Gage, Height 79500128
Indicator, Dial 066-03084-0000
Gage, Depth, Rule 74D465016-2001
Gage, Thread Tool Setting V07990
Protractor, Advc 939840
Caliper, Dial 52-010-006
Caliper, Vernier CM6420
Tool Set, Measuring PMF141
Caliper, Vernier CM6421
Indicator, Dial PMF135
Rule, Machinist's 556AS184-3
Gage Set, Small Hole S831EZ
Gage, Depth, Micrometer 445DZ-9RL
Caliper, Indicator, Inside 52-058-008
Caliper, Indicator, Inside 52-030-006
Caliper, Indicator, Inside 52-553-004
Mechanical Force Gage UFG30478-0034
Gage, Film Thickness, Paint WFG GAGE
Gage, Second Stage P 901-036-607-101
Micrometer, Spring 354
Square, Combination PMF123
Gauge And Cable Ass 414CS007-4
Analyzer, Thermogravimetric TGA-601
Trammel F80055-1
Protractor, Mechanics, Bevel F80222-11
Tape, Measuring PS1709
Caliper, Micrometer, Inside 6220
Vial, Level, Dual 581793-010
Gage, Injector Timing 133195
Riser Block 258RA EDPNO:56202
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 66108
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 64427
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 66109
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 66113
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 66111
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 66112
Caliper, Micrometer, Outside 51849
Gage, Height 63390
Gage, Gap Setting C54007-1
Protractor, Mechanics, Bevel A27021-29
Pressure Gauge, Special 602462BS04B
Gage, Height 515-512
Caliper, Slide 729 GENERAL TOOL
Rule, Multiple Folding 646
Gage, Depth, Rule 73131
Flow Regulator Test 3476AS600-1

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