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Screws - FSC 5305

Last Modified: Feb 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Screw, Machine 7S13-832-32
Screw, Machine 7S13-832-28
Setscrew AN565A428H10
Screw, Machine NAS514P440-3B
Screw, Cap, Hexagon Head AA06BR200
Screw, Cap, Hexagon Head AA06BR-266
Screw, Leveling ABS1-1-7X1-2
Screw, Horizontal Cl ABS1-2X2-1
Screw, A, Le Bearing ABS3-2X2-6
Screw, Eyepiece Tele ABS4-2X1-6
Screw, Horizontal Ci AB1-1-7X1-3
Screw, A, Le Bearing AB1-2-6X5
Screw, A, Le Bearing AB1-2X2-5
Screw, Horizontal Ci AB2-2X1-3
Screw, Vertical Coll AC17-2X8
Screw, Telescope Eye AC4-2X1-5
Screw, Horizontal Ci CA16-5X13
Screw, A, Le Telescop CA18-2-6X5
Screw, Horizontal Ba CA18-2X3
Screw, Star Shaped B CA2-2-4X6
Screw, A, Le Telescop CA23-2X6
Screw, A, Le Bearing CA25-2-6X4
Screw, A, Le Bearing CA5-1-7X1-5
Screw, A, Le Bearing CA6-6X10
Screw, Eyepiece CA7-2X1-5
Screw, Level CA7-3X7-2
Screw, A, Le Bearing CA7-6X11
Screw, Vertical Coll CBA6-4X6
Screw, Horizontal Sl CBZ1-2X2-5
Screw, A, Le Bearing CBZ7-3X3-8
Screw, Leveling CB1-3LX47
Screw, Alidade And O CB1-6X0-5X2-5
Screw, Optical Plumb CB10-2X4-8
Screw, Horizontal Ci CB11-2X5-8
Screw, A, Le Bearing CB2-2-6X3-8
Screw, Horizontal Ba CB2-2X2-5
Screw, Illumination XT2M3X4CA4
Screw, Optical Plumb CB3-2X3-8
Screw, Horizontal Ci CB3-3X5-2
Screw, Horizontal Cl CB3-4X8-8
Screw, Horizontal Ba CB5-2-6X6
Screw, Vertical Coll CB5-4X6
Screw, Optical Plumb CB6-3X4
Screw, Vertical Coll CD2-2-6X8
Screw, Optical Plumb CD3-4X3-5X7-5
Screw, Horizontal Le CD6-4X3-5X14-5
Screw, Leveling CD9-3X5-5
Screw, Diagonal Eyep EA1-1-4X3
Screw, A, Le Bearing EA1-2X4-1
Screw, A, Le And Hori EA2-2X5-2
Screw, Alidade EA3-1-7X4-3
Screw, A, Le Telescop EA6-4X4-5
Screw, Vertical Coll EA7-2X3-3
Screw, Horizontal Le EB1-2X2-5
Screw, Alidade EB2-2-6X3-5
Screw, A, Le Bearing EB7-4X0-4X2-4
Screw, A, Le Bearing NT2-79
Screw, Alidade T2-106
Screw, Tripod Head 2A36A
Screw, Optical Plumb DIN551-1-7X2
Screw, Diagonal Eyep DIN551-2X2-5
Screw, Horizontal Ba DIN553-1-7X2
Setscrew 163788
Screw, Objective Len DIN553-1-7X3
Screw, A, Le Telescop DIN553-2-6X4
Screw, A, Le Telescop 553-2-6X5
Screw, A, Le Telescop DIN553-2X1-5
Setscrew XT2M2X2-553
Setscrew 553-2X3
Setscrew DIN553-2X4
Setscrew 553-2X6
Screw, Leveling 553-3X4
Screw, A, Le Bearing DIN84-2-6X4
Screw, Hand Light DIN84-2-6X8
Screw, Alidade 84-2X4
Screw, Horizontal Ci DIN84X37
Screw, A, Le Bearing 85-2-6X2-5
Screw, Horizontal Ci 85-2-6X4
Screw, Ground Plate 87-2X5
Screw, Captive 419-031-210
Screw, Cap, Hexagon Head 820-4445742
Screw 201222
Screw, Cap, Socket Head S6340CESCR43
Screw, Shoulder 714871
Screw, Shoulder NAS1244-17
Screw, Cap, Socket Head NAS1351C04H6
Screw, Machine BM21005-3-1
Screw, Cap, Socket Head 683938-0001
Screw, Machine NAS662C1R4
Screw, Machine 048478-001
Setscrew 035224-103
Screw 684401
Screw, Externally Relieved Body 2500091-102
Screw, Machine 234749PC2
Screw, Adjusting 262937PC3
Screw, Trigger 388402PC5
Setscrew 512235PC6
Screw 610120
Screw 610233
Screw, Shoulder 611255

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