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Packing And Gasket Materials - FSC 5330

General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, And Chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets And Seals Designed For A Single Specific Application.
Last Modified: Feb 26, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gasket A10
Gasket 8035259
Packing, Preformed 2R0572
Packing, Preformed 4S9006
Gasket 8312916
Seal, Nonmetallic Special Shaped 2540000105415
Seal, Nonmetallic Special Shaped 618241PC846
Packing, Preformed 195284
Packing, Preformed 2523759
Packing, Preformed 2523761
Gasket 547-6271-002
Packing, Preformed 206672
Gasket 1308669
Seal, Seat 0X025-01407
Seal, Piston 590114
Seal, Gland D2-463PC11
Seal, Tube D4214PC14-15
Packing, Piston D2-462PC17
Seal, Head 590133
Packing, Rod 481919
Packing, Piston D4212PC14
Seal, Piston 590134
Packing, Piston 481806
Gasket A8984
Seal Ring, Metal A36855
Packing, Preformed 4761141-3
Gasket 3405N
Gasket 4505917-7
Packing 5150191
Packing, Preformed 601141C1
Gasket 5M3107
Seal, Plain Encased 51019-5L
Seal, Oil 471442R
Seal, Plain Encased 32180
Gasket 10511275
Gasket, Spiral Wound 547-8974-003
Gasket 547-8972-002
Gasket 53497
Gasket 460-015-12
Gasket P200-37
Seal, Nonmetallic Strip EC1055
Seal, Plain Encased 9035595
Seal, Plain Encased 22340
Retainer, Packing A02H4909-1
Gasket 3K14019-101
Seal, Pylon Apron 4P94257-101A
Seal, Pylon Engine Cowl 4P94258-102A
Seal, Inlet Duct Guide 71259-1
Seal, Duct Engine Fuel Heater 6522
Seal, Plain Encased 10-200-14
Gasket PH8043B
Gasket, Valve Seat 25L4
Gasket 21475G1
Packing Assortment, Preformed 5704458
Gasket 616765
Gasket, Pump 203100
Packing, Preformed 210A-1
Packing, Preformed 5B4484
Gasket 210-33555-2
Gasket 5B0732
Gasket 6B9181
Packing, Preformed 410954-13
Packing With Retainer C449
Gasket B21355P1
Packing, Preformed NAS1593-027
Gasket 6670350
Gasket SS4421-1
Gasket A395X12
Gasket A418X3
Gasket A863X12
Seal, Plain Encased 504262
Packing, Preformed 568010-2
Packing, Preformed 568014-2
Packing, Preformed AG62AG152
Gasket 102236
Seal, Plain Encased 12Z9015-1
Seal, Plain Encased 12Z9015-3
Seal S48100
Packing, Preformed A927X5
Packing, Preformed A13TH1057
Packing, Preformed FB5395G4
Gasket Kit 912012
Gasket 59106H
Gasket 52903H
Gasket 56286H
Gasket 65161H
Gasket Set FS925
Seal, Plain Encased 82492R91
Seal, Plain Encased 97883H
Gasket SCB614113
Gasket 5330000121918
Rubber Strip SCC614099
Seal, Transmission A36267
Gasket 223125
Gasket 1925479
Gasket E200-11
Gasket E200-12
Gasket 1085579
Gasket Set 2484979
Seal 2105531-2

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