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Packing And Gasket Materials - FSC 5330

General Purpose Oil Grease, Air, Liquid, Gas, And Chemical Seals; Oakum; Prefabricated Gaskets And Seals Designed For A Single Specific Application.
Last Modified: Aug 15, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Packing, Preformed RS106
Gasket B200700063
Packing, Preformed 10024823-106
Packing, Preformed 801164-0200PC4
Packing, Preformed 7360
Packing, Preformed UNIF031
Packing, Preformed XX4504713
Packing Assortment, Preformed 30G28S
Gasket 208899A
Gasket 201471BD
Gasket 1W31623
Gasket 6800-2034
Gasket 445420-1
Rope, Asbestos ML402
Rope, Asbestos ML402
Rope, Asbestos ML402
Rope, Asbestos ML402
Gasket Y7137-116
Gasket 19878
Gasket 19868
Gasket 19856
Seal, Nonmetallic Round Section 05855-86
Seal, Nonmetallic Round Section 05855-87
Gasket 1301139C-101
Gasket 119584
Gasket 3274873
Seal, Plain Encased 6110-96 PIECE 8
Packing, Preformed 10363987
Gasket 50699670
Packing 1120374C1
Seal 220753H3
Seal 211844H1
Seal Ring 210858H1
Gasket 8366140
Gasket Set A1134
Gasket Set K1467
Gasket GR130
Gasket 24772-1
Gasket 519D908P1
Gasket E01-00200-05-03-1
V Packing 1U312
Seal, Plain Encased 2U2310
Ring, Wiper 049D0079P050A
Gasket M11795IM8
Gasket M11795ITEM9
Gasket M12158PC4
Gasket 2382-05
Gasket Z7137-52
Gasket X7137-15
Retainer, Packing 90652-5
Retainer, Seal 5100307
Gasket A51B46547-1
Gasket 23768-1
Seal, Nonmetallic Special Shaped A51B24300-5
Seal, Nonmetallic Special Shaped 7114
Retainer, Packing K87890-10
Retainer, Packing A51C33531-11
Packing, Preformed 113642-22
Gasket G239-091-001
Packing With Retainer 5330000050407
Packing With Retainer 600-0101-3/8
Gasket 74027014
Gasket 74339532
Packing With Retainer 649199-6
Packing With Retainer 858362-8
Packing Set, Piston 20084P
Gasket G47602
Packing, Preformed SSN578-845-1523800PC20
Gasket 119035
Packing Material 5876-150
Packing, Preformed TP450
Gasket ZP5031-39
Seal 16142
Gasket 10-331-19
Gasket 66025
Back-up Ring, Preformed Packing 7-755-224609
Gasket 01-31356-00
Seal, Plain Encased 65X913
Seal, Plain Encased 415146
Gasket B31855
Gasket 15G901-2
Gasket 9M6542
Gasket 9S1269
Gasket F07971PC17
Gasket GR122
Gasket Set 919196
Gasket 12204-4
Gasket, Spiral Wound 07742
Packing, Preformed 60846C
Seal 113292
Sealing Kit 942560
Seal 2CX413
Seal Kit 40115
Seal, Oil 5J8200
Seal 485725R
Ring Seal 99-3198
Ring Seal 99-2718
Seal, Plain Encased 440972
Seal, Oil 2931862
Packing With Retainer 164538

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